The Amber Island's Cave, also referred to as the "Haunted Cave of Portia", is a cave located in the middle of Amber Island. The cave is initially inaccessible until the player builds the bridge to Amber Island and is given permission by Mayor Gale to enter the cave. Deep inside the cave houses numerous monsters and the exclusive Hermit Snaillob, a giant Snaillob. A dysfunctional power generator can be found inside and requires a Removable Battery to restore the power. With a functional power generator, the closed-off area becomes accessible that allows deeper exploration of the cave. The Bandirat Prince marks its territory here, whom is hiding all of the stolen items from the citizens of Portia.


Amber Island Cave generator

Fixing the generator

Sometime prior to building the bridge, the Bandirat Prince made the Amber Island's Cave its home and kept all stolen goods inside. After building the bridge, Mayor Gale instructed the player to investigate the haunted cave and restore the power generator with the Removable Battery, unbeknownst to him of the dangers lurking inside. Gale had planned to make the cave an attraction, calling it the "Haunted Cave of Portia", and instructed Liuwa to guard the entrance to the cave from the citizens until it has been inspected.

Bandirat Prince and minions

The Bandirat Prince and his minions

The player navigated the cave and restored the generator's power. As a result, the closed gate revealed itself, while also closing off the opposite entrance. The player forcefully explored the rest of the cave, recovering all of the stolen items along the way. At the end of the cave, the player finds the Bandirat Prince lying on Presley's sofa. The Bandirat Prince ordered its minions to attack the player but did not stand a chance. The Bandirat Prince retaliated until it too was defeated by the player. After its defeat, the Bandirat Prince dropped its priceless possession, the Small Engine.

After exiting the cave, the player found themselves back in Portia near Dr. Xu's Clinic. The Civil Corps bumped into the player just as they were about to enter the cave to explore the area. The player recalled their investigation to the Civil Corps, providing details of all the events that had happened while inside the cave. Thankful for subduing the monsters inside the cave, the Civil Corps instructed the player to report back to Gale. The Civil Corps entered the cave to clear off any stragglers left inside the cave.

After the events of the Amber Island's Cave, the former entrance on Amber Island became inaccessible. The alternate entrance can still be accessed, albeit only the room that held the Bandirat Prince can be explored.

Another theft in PortiaEdit

The collection agency, led by Tuss and Huss, arrives to the player's workshop demanding to collect their Pa's debt, now in the hands of the player's; however, the collection agency turned out to be a scam and were chased away by the Civil Corps. Following the event, Higgins tries to frame the player for breaking his pickaxe, only to be corrected by the Civil Corps. Soon afterwards, a series of threats occur, leading to the player's mailbox and collection box being destroyed. Pinky witnessed the crime and insisted the player on following her, leading the player to Amber Island's Cave.

Inside the cave, Huss and Tuss are found being mischievous, having plotted the vandalism to the player's property. The two come forward and attempt to assault the player. The thieves fail to assault the player and flee.

Amber Island's Cave is void of any monsters. Due to the gate leading to the power generator room being closed off from earlier events, half of the cave remains inaccessible. Upon exiting the cave, the cave becomes inaccessible again.


Icon Bandirat
(lvl 10)
Icon Snaillob
(lvl 10)
Boss Big Snaillob
Hermit Snaillob
Boss Bandirat Prince
Bandirat Prince
(lvl 20)
(Mission: My Eviction from Portia)
(lvl 20)
(Mission: My Eviction from Portia)


Item Description Sell price
Water Bucket
Emily's Bucket
A weathered bucket used for many things on Sophie's Ranch, property of Emily. Gols 10
Desk Lamp
Gust's Lamp
A blue lamp belong to Gust, very expensive looking. Gols 20
Iron Pan
Martha's Pot
Martha's cooking pot. You can still see some oil stains on it. Gols 10
Item Ceramic
McDonald's Ceramic Jug
A jug used by McDonald to store milk. Gols 10
Leather Sofa
Presley's Sofa
A meticulously made couch, very comfortable, belongs to Presley. Gols 40
Item equip 002
Remington's Shoes
Remington's old shoes, it's worn. Gols 10

Treasure ChestsEdit

Screenshot Location Contents
Chest generator room
At the top of the rails, in the generator room
Beginner's Cap
1 Beginner's Cap
1 Topaz
Chest right middle room
In the room in the middle of the right path
Old Parts
1 Old Parts
Chest left middle room
In the room in the middle of the left path
Power Stone
1 Power Stone
Chest bandirat prince
After defeating Prince Bandirat
Small Engine
1 Small Engine
Data Disc
2 Data Disc