Red and sweet.

Obtaining Edit

An Apple can be obtained by kicking Apple Trees.

Usage Edit

When the player is running low on Stamina they can consume an Apple to recover it. Can be used with the Blender to obtain some Apple Juice.

Blender iconResources
Item Effect Time Materials
Apple Juice
Apple Juice
Restores 80 HP
Restores 11 Stamina
1 Apple

Can also be used with the Drying Rack:

Drying Rack icon Resources
Item Time Materials
Dried Apple Slice
Dried Apple Slice
2 Apple

Gifting Edit

Prompt happy
Love +10
Really Like +6 QQ
Like +4 GustAbuToby
Prompt ordinary
Neutral +1 AntoineDawaMeiOaksPhyllisPinkyPresleySamSophieWuwaXu
Prompt sad
Dislike -2
Hate -5
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