Arlo is the leader of Portia's branch of the Civil Corps and works alongside Remington and Sam to help protect the city and keep Portia running.

As the leader of the Civil Corps, Arlo is a force to be reckoned with. He is arguably the strongest fighter in Portia, and the most formidable sparring partner.

He is very tall, and wears a bandanna with "The Flying Pigs" on it, hinting that he might be part of that brigade - if indeed it is some sort of organized group. His outfit consists of a white and yellow jacket with gray details, lightly distressed gray jeans, black fingerless gloves, and various straps and holsters.

Meeting Edit

You can meet Arlo as early as Day 2.

Upon returning to Presley in the Commerce Hall after registering your workshop with Mayor Gale, Presley congratulates you and goes to hand you the commission he saved for you. Higgins, a rival workshop owner, takes the commission. Once Higgins leaves the Commerce Hall and Presley apologizes for having no more commissions that day, Arlo kicks in the doors. Literally.

Gifting Edit

Favorite (+10)

  • Power Stone

Loved (+5)

Liked (+1)

  • Bronze Bar, Herb, Salty Grilled Catfish

Disliked (-5)

  • Copper Ore

Hated (-10)

Schedule Edit

As of Alpha 1.0, Arlo currently keeps to the same daily routine, regardless of weather, or day of the week, or month. As the Civil Corps building is a non-accessible zone in a1.0, if you want to talk, gift, or spar with Arlo, you'll need to do so when he is not there.

  • At approximately 11:15 am to 13:00 pm, Arlo leaves the Civil Corps building and walks to the Research Center.
  • Stays in Research Center until around 19:00 pm.
  • From approximately 19:00 pm to 21:00 pm, Arlo leaves the Research Center and returns to the Civil Corps building.

Dialogue Edit

  • "The Civil Corps are responsible for collecting power stones to power Portia. We also try to ensure the safeties of all the people living here."
  • "If you find a new ruins opening, be sure to let us know. The Civil Corps will compensate you well for your efforts."
  • "Take a look at the advice on the board before you dive into the ruins. Remember, safety first."

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