Arlo is the leader of Portia's branch of the Civil Corps and works alongside Remington and Sam to help protect the city and keep Portia running.

As the leader of the Civil Corps, Arlo is a force to be reckoned with. He is arguably the strongest fighter in Portia and the most formidable sparring partner.

Arlo is one of many bachelors to marry.



Arlo was born in the Autumn on Day 5. At some point in his life, he joined the Portia branch of the Civil Corps and later became the leader.

When chatting with Arlo during play dates, Arlo dreams of joining the Flying Pigs. He likes Portia hot pots and dislikes the taste of salad dressing. He claims to have been in cities around Portia for business. As a leader, he believes that being a leader is no different from the others, as the job and training are all the same.


Arlo is very tall with red hair, bushy eyebrows, and an anchor-styled beard. He exhibits an unimpressed look and generally does not smile.

Arlo wears a bandanna with "The Flying Pigs" written on it. His outfit consists of a white and yellow jacket with gray details, lightly distressed gray jeans, black fingerless gloves, and various straps and holsters.


Arlo is one of many bachelors to marry.


Buddy: +5 attack

Friend: +10 attack

Lover: +20% crit chance

Husband: occasionally gives gift in morning


Prompt happy
Love +30
+10 Practice SwordBronze SwordIron SwordSapphireRusty Iron PipeSeafood Noodles
Like +8 TopazRosesSpicy Stew MixRuby
+6 Spaghetti with Hot Sauce
+4 Asteria (Bouquet)
+3 Power StoneKnight Badge
Prompt sad
Dislike -2 Wildflowers
Hate -5 Copper OreSalad Sauce
Prompt ordinary Neutral [+1]

Panbat MaskVenomHerbs

All tested items that yield no interesting results


At dinner Arlo likes spicy foods. The player can give a gift (+15 points for favorite) at both dinner and under the wishing tree. A date rewards about 20-25 relationship points.


Mission: Hazardous Ruins
The Hazardous Ruins are dangerous, and the Civil Corps regulates who can enter. You must last at least one minute against one of the three current Civil Corps members (Sam, Arlo, Remington) to show that you've got what it takes to enter the ruins.

Commerce commissionsEdit

Arlo often posts various types of commissions on the Commission Board in the Commerce Guild. Below are only examples of the types of commissions:


Arlo's typical schedule consists of practicing sparring in the Civil Corps building and walking around town or near the Abandoned Ruins.

All times are in 24-hour format. Certain events may alter his schedule.


Time Location
7:00Sparring practice in the Civil Corps building
11:00Admiring the "Flying Pigs" statue outside the Civil Corps building
12:00Investigating the outer area of the Abandoned Ruins #2
14:30Departing the Abandoned Ruins #2
15:00Inside the Civil Corps building
19:00Departing the Civil Corps building
20:30Waiting for Nora in the wooded area north of the Abandoned Ruins #1
22:40Talking with Nora

Time Location
0:00Talking with Nora north of the Abandoned Ruins #1
3:00Departing to the Civil Corps building
7:00Sparring practice in the Civil Corps building

Time Location
12:00Leaving Abandoned Ruins #1 and walking towards Research Center
14:30Standing in Research Center
19:00Leaves Research Center and walks to Civil Corps
21:00Enters Civil Corps and goes to second floor to sleep


Dialogue Edit

The Civil Corps are responsible for collecting power stones to power Portia. We also try to ensure the safeties of all the people living here.
If you find a new ruins opening, be sure to let us know. The Civil Corps will compensate you well for your efforts.
When searching in the Hazardous Ruins, keep your wits. Remember, safety first.
Take a look at the advice on the board before you dive into the ruins. Remember, safety first.