Blueprint assembly station lv2 upgrade

Assembly Station diagram

The Assembly Station is a crafting station for big projects. The Assembly Station was left behind by Pa after the player inherits his Workshop. Unlike other crafting stations, the Worktable is a one-of-a-kind object and cannot be created. The Assembly Station can be upgraded to higher levels, allowing for more craftable big projects. All projects crafted from the Assembly Station are crafted instantly, provided that all required materials are in possession.

To move the Assembly Station to another location on your property, visit A&G Construction. Next to the Upgrade button is a Move button. When you click on it, an overhead view of your property will appear, and you can move and rotate the Assembly Station from there.


The Assembly Station is the location where the Workbook is used to craft all other crafting stations and many large items for missions

You can find new recipes from the Research Center in exchange for Data Disc

Upgrading the Assembly StationEdit

The Assembly Station can be upgraded from the A&G Construction. As of the Alpha 5.0 Update on 3/30/2018 the items needed to upgrade to Lvl 2 are 20 Iron Bars 20 Stone Bricks and 5000 Gols. The size of the Assembly Station Lvl 2 is 13 Squares X12 Squares.

Upgrading the Assembly Station to Lvl 2 is required to complete the Water Wheel in Mission: Saving the Tree Farm and the Construction Crane in Mission: Construction Crane.

Assembly Station Lv.2
Blueprint assembly station lv2 upgrade
Iron Bar
20 Iron Bar
Stone Brick
20 Stone Brick

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