Autumn Doll is a Furniture item.

Description Edit

A roly-poly toy, this one has a cheerful outlook on life.

Usage Edit

Can be placed in the Workshop to boost the player character's Attack by 3.

Can be donated to the Museum as a Small Relic. When donated, it gives
Prompt guild Reputation +10.

Obtaining Edit

Basic skiver iconBasic skiver icon
Recovery Machine
Relic Pieces Data Discs needed
Autumn DollAutumn Doll

Autumn Doll
Autumn Doll Piece 1Autumn Doll Piece 1

1 Autumn Doll Piece 1
Autumn Doll Piece 2Autumn Doll Piece 2

1 Autumn Doll Piece 2
Data DiscData Disc

1 Data Disc