A form of plant growth from the Old World, how did they get a tree to be so small?

Usage Edit

Can be donated to the Museum as a Small Relic. When donated, Prompt guild Reputation +25.

Crafting Edit

Bonsai can be crafted from Recovery Machine in the Research Center.

Basic skiver icon Recovery Machine
Relic Pieces Data Discs needed

Bonsai Piece 1Bonsai Piece 1

1 Bonsai Piece 1
Bonsai Piece 2Bonsai Piece 2

1 Bonsai Piece 2
Bonsai Piece 3Bonsai Piece 3

1 Bonsai Piece 3
Bonsai Piece 4Bonsai Piece 4

1 Bonsai Piece 4
Data DiscData Disc

2 Data Disc