Carol is the tailor of Portia town. Her shop operates out of the same corner as her husband's shop, under a large sign naming the store "Total Tools."

She has three daughters with her husband Mars: Molly, Polly, and Dolly. She manages the financial affairs of her household, citing that her husband is bad with planning on how to use their money.

She wears a short yellow shawl with thin green stripes, a red jacket over a thigh-length white tshirt, and blue jeans.

Gifting Edit

Favorite (+10)

  • Wild Cocoon

Loved (+5)

Liked (+1)

Disliked (-5)

  • Orange Juice (Jam)

Hated (-10)

Schedule Edit

Dialogue Edit

  • "I can make some gorgeous clothes for you if you want. I'm the best tailor in Portia."
  • "Don't you think I'm the best bookkeeper in this family? Mars has no plans on how to spend our money. We have three kids and we'd better have a clear financial plan!"

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