Accessories are equipment that add bonus stats to the player. They can add HP, Defense, or Stamina.

Comparison TableEdit

Yellow Sapphire NecklaceYellow Sapphire Necklace
Yellow Sapphire Necklace Attack +11
Sapphire RingSapphire Ring
Sapphire Ring Attack +11
Keypad Attack +10
Multi-function KnifeMulti-function Knife
Multi-function Knife Attack +9
Balloon Attack +9
Golden NecklaceGolden Necklace
Golden Necklace Attack +8
Flower ScooperFlower Scooper
Flower Scooper Attack +8
Umbrella Attack +7
Crystal NecklaceCrystal Necklace
Crystal Necklace Attack +6
Shell NecklaceShell Necklace
Shell Necklace Attack +5
Sunglasses Critical Chance +10%
Exquisite Fountain PenExquisite Fountain Pen
Exquisite Fountain Pen Critical Chance +10%
Carving KnifeCarving Knife
Carving Knife Critical Chance +10%
Small DaggerSmall Dagger
Small Dagger Critical Chance +9%
Desk LampDesk Lamp
Desk Lamp Critical Chance +6%
Bookmark Critical Chance +4%
Wooden BasketWooden Basket
Wooden Basket Critical Chance +3%
Knight's ShieldKnight's Shield
Knight's Shield Defense +15
Peach's AmuletPeach's Amulet
Peach's Amulet Defense +13
Pinecock BowlerPinecock Bowler
Pinecock Bowler Defense +10
Talisman Defense +5
Small SatchelSmall Satchel
Small Satchel Max HP +50
Casual HoodieCasual Hoodie
Casual Hoodie Max HP +40
Leather BeltLeather Belt
Leather Belt Max HP +35
Silk ScarfSilk Scarf
Silk Scarf Max HP +30
Photo AlbumPhoto Album
Photo Album Max HP +30
Fluffy PendentFluffy Pendent
Fluffy Pendent Max HP +30
Blue ScarfBlue Scarf
Blue Scarf Max HP +10
Jewelry BoxJewelry Box
Jewelry Box Max Stamina +12
Deluxe Fishing KitDeluxe Fishing Kit
Deluxe Fishing Kit Max Stamina +10
Waist PackWaist Pack
Waist Pack Max Stamina +9
Teapot Max Stamina +9
Flowery SoapFlowery Soap
Flowery Soap Max Stamina +9
Furry ScarfFurry Scarf
Furry Scarf Max Stamina +8
Feather DusterFeather Duster
Feather Duster Max Stamina +8
Arm StretcherArm Stretcher
Arm Stretcher Max Stamina +6
Oil BrushOil Brush
Oil Brush Max Stamina +4
Harmonica Resilience +12%
Panbat MaskPanbat Mask
Panbat Mask Resilience +10%
Chicken EarringsChicken Earrings
Chicken Earrings Resilience +8%
Butterfly HairpinButterfly Hairpin
Butterfly Hairpin Resilience +8%
Paper FlowerPaper Flower
Paper Flower Resiliance +3%

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