These are the quests that advance the overall story of the game as well as the technological level at your disposal.

They generally do not impose a time limit on their realization.

Main missions are displayed on the map with the icons MAPICON main2MAPICON main0MAPICON main1

Chronology Edit

Here is a timeline of all main missions. They each trigger after the previous one has been completed. If a mission triggers multiple new main missions, this will be indicated by indentation (for example Bridge to Amber Island triggering Panbat Infestation, The Cave on Amber Island and the Dee Dee missions).

Getting Started

Unlocking Amber Island

Unlocking WOW Industries area and meeting Ack

Unlocking Eufaula Desert

Developing the South Block

Unlocking the Western Plateau

Unlocking the Swamp

Missions outside the timeline Edit

These missions are not dependent on completing other missions first and may have other triggers.

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