Weapons are equipment for combat. Weapons increase attack values to aid in defeating stronger enemies. Upgrading weapons provide additional effects, such as inflicting poison to the enemy.

Comparison TableEdit

War HammerWar Hammer
War Hammer Attack+280 Slow attack speed
Red DevilsRed Devils
Red Devils Attack+200 Ranged
Nova SwordNova Sword
Nova Sword


+50% Critical Damage
Corps' HammerCorps' Hammer
Corps' Hammer Attack+200 Slow attack speed
Lion's ClawLion's Claw
Lion's Claw Attack+150 Slow attack speed
Poisonous KnucklesPoisonous Knuckles
Poisonous Knuckles Attack+120 Poison Damage
Iron SwordIron Sword
Enhanced Iron Sword Attack+105
Triple Barrel SnakebiteTriple Barrel Snakebite
Triple Barrel Snakebite Attack+100 Ranged
Knuckle Attack+90
Iron SwordIron Sword
Iron Sword Attack+90
Blade of MaliceBlade of Malice
Blade of Malice Attack+65 Poison damage
Enhanced Bronze SwordEnhanced Bronze Sword
Enhanced Bronze Sword Attack+60
Bronze SwordBronze Sword
Bronze Sword Attack + 45
Practice SwordPractice Sword
Spiked Practice Sword Attack +30 Critical Chance +50%
Practice SwordPractice Sword
Enhanced Practice Sword Attack+30
Practice SwordPractice Sword
Practice Sword Attack+18
Racket Attack+10
Rusty Iron PipeRusty Iron Pipe
Rusty Iron Pipe Attack+8
Worn GlovesWorn Gloves
Worn Gloves Attack+5

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