The Civil Corps are a large organized group of people working throughout the Free Cities. While there is a branch of the Civil Corps in each of the five Free Cities, they all operate under a common goal: to support and defend the people.

Operations Edit

The Civil Corps operate a number of missions regularly. These may include, but are likely not limited to:

  • Heading into abandoned ruins and mines in search of power stones, which help power the energy and technological needs of the world.
  • Exploring out into the Peripheries, either to slay monsters that get too close to protected territory or to hunt for important, useful artifacts.
  • Protect the people from monsters that roam the lands, especially ones that occasionally wander too close to a protected civilized establishment.

Branches Edit

The Civil Corps operate a branch out of each of the five Free Cities: Portia, Vega 5Barnarock, Logos, and Seesai.

Portia Branch Edit

The Portia branch of the Civil Corps is operated by Arlo along with Remington and Sam.

The Civil Corps building is located at the top of the inner city, next to Dr. Xu's clinic. As of Alpha 4.0 the building is now accessible.


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The Civil Corps can take on commissions from residents on their commission board in their headquaters. They can help in finding useful materials from the ruins around Portia.
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