Commerce Guild Map

The Commerce Guild is an organization operating throughout the Free Cities, much like the Civil Corps. Their focus, however, is on commerce, trade, business, and economic development.

The Commerce Guild will be a large part of your journey towards building the best workshop you possibly can, and is the primary focus for acquiring commissions, buying and selling resources, earning money, and tracking your workshop rank compared to that of your competitors.

Mission Statement Edit

Branches Edit

It appears that each of the Free Cities have their own branch of the Commerce Guild.

Portia Branch Edit

Presley is the Commissioner of the Portia branch, and cites that it was his steadfast work ethic of working dawn to midnight every day in his youth that got him to where he is today.

Antoine is the guild's secretary; you will turn your commissions in to him once completed, and he will dole out your reward and assign you your ranking points.

Your Competition Edit

Your biggest competition in achieving that coveted top-ranking S grade spot on the builder leaderboards is Higgins, and for good reason. Despite his arguably underhanded tactics, such as sometimes accepting more than one commission a day even though this is against guild policy, he is cited as a hard worker who is devoted to being the best. Higgins will maintain the top rank on the leaderboards unless you can overtake him.

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