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The Day of the Bright Sun is a festival to celebrate the event of Peach ending the 330-yearlong Age of Darkness by clearing the clouds and letting the sun rays shine over the land once again around 100 years prior. It occurs on the 19th day of Month 1 every year.


During the first year, at the fireside meeting on Day 14, Mayor Gale requests that all citizens of Portia participate in the gift-giving event by donating an item. The builder can participate in this through Mission: Present for the Celebration. On the day of the festival, an airship drops the gifts in the town's plazas. The townsfolk can race to get each of the gifts and claim it as their own. Although the event will occur every year, there will not be a fireside about it after year 1. The mission; however, is repeatable each year before the event.

The player needs to be hasty and retrieve as many gifts before the event ends. Most townsfolk will participate in the event and are able to claim the gifts. After claiming a gift, the player receives a letter of gratitude from the benefactor.


  • The player will only be asked to provide a gift for the festival in Year 1. This seems to be a bug. (Bug seems to have been corrected.)
  • Managing to pick up 7 or more gifts during the festival will trigger the Quick Hands achievement.
  • Not obtaining any gifts during the festival will cause Gale to send the player a letter the following day out of pity which includes a Pumpkin Pie, a Rainbow Jam, and a Cheap Soda.