The Dee-dee Transport System is a free fast travel service available after completing the mission "Assemble the Dee-dee Transport" and after placing at least two Dee-dee Stops, the plans for which are obtained during the mission "Dee-Dee Stops Here". For this mission five stops must be placed but there are some optional extra stops that can be placed as the story progresses. Currently there are eight possible stop locations. The transport is incredibly useful as it reduces the need to travel by foot and the time advanced from using the Dee-dee system is minor compared to travel by foot. The service runs from the time the player character wakes up until midnight, 7:00-0:00.

The player recovers a small amount of stamina after using the fast travel, dependent on the time taken to travel.

The current stops are unnamed but are close to or outside the following locations:

Main Mission



  • A Dee-Dee stop was previously located at the Gates to the Collapsed Wasteland but was moved to Central Plaza in alpha 7.0. This stop was one of the five locations in the Main Mission.

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