The Desert is located to the south east of the map, just north of Amber Island. It's the last location accessible in the early access.

To be able to travel to the desert the player must have the Worktable upgraded to lvl 3, completed the Mission The Portia Bridge and the bridge must be finished. The initial area after the bridge is a small forest with Madcrabs around Level 25. There are also plants that provide 20 herbs and Asteria flowers that can be gathered.

Further in the desert area, Chili Peppers can be found as well as Cactus Fruit and Palm Jujube from the different kinds of trees, found in different shapes with various tiers, in a similar manner to those found on the grasses of Portia. Cacti can be harvested for woodstuffs and Cactus Fruit. The highest such tier cannot be cut by the Iron Axe and requires the Fisherman's Axe.

There are minable areas of the desert where sulfate and Iron Ore can be obtained alongside regular drops from rocks. Animal Skeletons can be gathered in the desert.

From the furthest accessible area of the desert is a defunct mining site that is the location for the Rescue in Ingall's Mine mission.

After completing the mission, the Civil Corps will eventually open up old Ingall's Mine to be another Hazardous Ruins.

2 Dee-dee Stops can be added to the Eufaula Desert. One just past the bridge while the other is just in-front of the lift going to the Hazardous Ruins located in the Desert.