Dolly is the youngest daughter of Mars and Carol, and the littlest sister of Molly and Polly. She sticks to Molly's side like glue.

She wears a white blouse, an aqua skirt striped along the hem with white, white stockings with aqua and orange stripes, and white shoes. She wears her hair in two small pigtails held up with ribbons.

Gifting Edit


  • Balloon

Favorite (+10)

Loved (+5)

Liked (+1)

  • Orange Juice

Disliked (-5)

Hated (-10)

Schedule Edit

Dialogue Edit

Hello! I just want to say now that you're here, we can't play hide and seek in that haunted house anymore, so it's all your fault!
— Upon first meeting
I wonder where Molly will go today, where ever she goes, I go as well. Teehee.


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