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Gifting is giving items to characters for relationship boosts, or declines if reacted negatively. By gifting, the player can increase the relationship level of a certain character, as long as the character reacts positively. Most items are reacted neutrally, meaning the receiver of the gift neither likes the gift nor dislikes it. Gifts can also be a loved gift or a hated gift, depending on the character. A loved gift provides the highest positive relationship points, while a hated gift provides negative relationship points.

When a gift is reacted non-neutrally, the gift is registered on the character's preferences. This allows the player to easily track which gift is liked or disliked.

Most characters of Portia can receive gifts, except Higgins and the Mysterious Man.


Certain events increase the relationship point yield. This allows the player to earn twice the amount of relationship points for the character. Although, this also means the receiver can react twice as negatively to a gift.


Most characters have birthdays. Birthdays are tracked through the calendar after reaching the "Associate" level for a character. Once a character and the player have reached the "Associate" level, the character's birthday is displayed on the calendar. The character reacts to gifts and states that the current day is their birthday, regardless of whether the player has reached the "Associate" level. However, accidentally finding a character's birthday does not add it to the calendar.

Day of the Bright SunEdit

Main article: Day of the Bright Sun

The Day of the Bright Sun is an event taking place on Spring 19. When gifts are given on this day, gifts yield more relationship points to all characters.

Universal giftsEdit

Universal gifts are gifts that are reacted by all characters in similar ways. Most gifts are universal neutrals, giving +1 relationship point. Certain gifts to certain characters are exempt from universal gifts. For example, most characters react neutrally to receiving Meat as a gift, but Presley dislikes Meat and will react negatively.

Universal loveEdit

Universal likeEdit

Prompt happy
Power Stone

Universal neutralEdit

It's the thought that matters.
Prompt ordinary

Universal dislikeEdit

Universal hateEdit

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