Ginger is Mayor Gale's daughter and youngest child, as well as Gust's baby sister. She spends most of her time indoors, rarely coming outside. Russo, the family butler, often runs errands for her, such as fetching her food.


Ginger is one of many bachelorettes to marry.


Ginger's unique trait is neither gaining or losing relationship points for gifts that are given to her. Although, some gifts do actually provide relationship points.

Love Umbrella

Dialogue Edit

You must be the new Builder! It's so nice to meet you! I'm Ginger. I hope you find our little town fitting.
— Upon first meeting
People in Portia are all very simple and friendly folks. I really enjoy having a conversation with everyone.
Gust is a great brother. But he's always worrying about me even though I'm not a child anymore.


  • As of Alpha 3.7, Ginger no longer holds an umbrella. Instead, she wears an umbrella hat outdoors, regardless of weather.


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