The Grill is a Crafting Station specialized in food.
Although there are only a few recipes at the moment, it's still our very first way to cook.
The effects thus earned are average.
Of course, you will have to fuel the fire with up to 20 Wood to make the fire last as many hours.
Only 5 dishes can be cooked at a time.
The Grill occupies two place on the ground and can be recovered in exchange for 2 axe blow ; unintended wood is recovered.

Description Edit

A rack used to cook meat and fish, needs to get a fire going.

Obtaining Edit

Grill blueprint

Stone furnace diagram

The Grill can be constructed from the Assembly Station.

Assembly StationAssembly Station
Assembly Station
Project Materials

Copper PipeCopper Pipe

3 Copper Pipe

10 Wood

Usage Edit

The Grill can also be donated to the Museum as a Medium Assembled Item. When donated, it gives:
Prompt guild Reputation +10.

Grilling iconGrilling icon
Item Effect Time Materials
Roasted MeatRoasted Meat

Roasted Meat
HP +15 per second.

Lasts 5 seconds.


4 Meat

1 Salt
Salty Grilled CatfishSalty Grilled Catfish

Salty Grilled Catfish
HP +30 per second.

Lasts 6 seconds.

1h 40m

2 Catfish

1 Salt