Gust is Mayor Gale's son and eldest child. He is a co-owner of the A&G Construction company. When not there, he can often be found with his sister Ginger, whom he dotes on, or painting in the Main Plaza or outside the city walls. His pet pig QQ is often found following him around.


When he was young, Gust always blamed Ginger for his mother's death, so much so that he left home at a young age and went to study in Atara. When he returned years later, he was a different man. Still quiet and detached, Gust became very devoted to his sister and family. After returning to Portia, he started A&G Construction with his friend Albert.


Gust was born on Summer of Day 12. When his mother passed away, he blamed Ginger for her death, causing him to leave home at a young age to study architecture in Atara. There, he met his master and mentor Verna, a deconstruction architect. Upon returning, he became devoted to his sister and family and started A&G Construction with Albert. Gust mainly focuses on designing.

Gust owns a pet pig named QQ, who was given to him by his master from Atara.

Physical appearanceEdit

Gust wears a light blue suit with a white button-up shirt underneath and a navy tie. His head umbrella is light gray with four blue spines. According to his business partner Albert "You know Gust, right? Tall guy, long hair, standoffish. He and I go way back, which is part of why I moved to Portia to open A&G Construction. "


Interactions: Social talk Social gift Social spar Social play Social date Social confession Social propose

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Social talk
What is it?
— Generic
The sunday fireside... Makes me sleepy.
— Generic
Leave me be. I need inspiration for the Azula Project.
— When painting a canvas of the landscape near the Workshop
My mentor Verna is a great deconstruction architect. Her designs exploit space and geometry, those architectures are like fluid in shape, which are romantic and reveal her worship of nature.
— Buddy relationship
I met my master when I was in Atara, I have to push myself to the limit to have a chance at becoming a great architect like her one day.
— Buddy relationship
QQ was a gift from my master. I didn't want him at first, but Master's orders were to take care of him. So it's not like I had a choice.
— Friend relationship

Spar Edit

Gust is eligible for sparring.

Social spar Level: 10
Relationship Rewards
1st 2nd 3rd
Prompt ordinary
Prompt happy
Prompt happy



Upon reaching a certain relationship level, perks are rewarded.

Buddy StarStarStar 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2
3% less Gols required for homestead upgrades; Receive a 10% discount when consuming in the store
Lover HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 2Heart 2
6% less Gols required for homestead upgrades; Receive a 20% discount when consuming in the store
Husband HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 2Heart 2 +
Wedding RingWedding Ring
Receive a 25% discount when consuming in the store


Data taken from game assets, game version 5.0.87262. Listed values are without The Giver skill (which gives an extra 1-2 points).

Social gift Gifting
Prompt happy
Love +20
Bacon Fish RollBacon Fish Roll
Like +8
Salty Grilled CatfishSalty Grilled Catfish
Salty Stew MixSalty Stew Mix
Asteria (Bouquet)Asteria (Bouquet)
Power StonePower Stone
Prompt sad
Dislike -2
Bug EggBug Egg
Old PartsOld Parts
Worn FurWorn Fur
Hate -5
Animal FecesAnimal Feces
Copper OreCopper Ore
Tin OreTin Ore
Prompt ordinary Neutral [+1]
Strengthened GlassStrengthened Glass
Leather HornLeather Horn
Cassette BoxCassette Box
Aroma AppleAroma Apple
Cheap SodaCheap Soda
Lemon JuiceJuice
Fruit TartFruit Tart
Leather SofaLeather Sofa
Snake BerrySnake Berry
Tasteless BrothTasteless Broth
Spicy Fish SoupSpicy Fish Soup
Spicy Stew MixSpicy Stew Mix
Spaghetti with Hot SauceSpaghetti with Hot Sauce
Roasted MeatRoasted Meat
Crystal NecklaceCrystal Necklace
Rusty Iron PipeRusty Iron Pipe
Red MushroomRed Mushroom
All tested items that yield no interesting results

Food preferencesEdit

  • Likes stewed/salty
  • Dislikes ice cream
Play date eat Dining
Prompt happy
Prompt sad
Menu icon appetizer
Menu icon main course
Main Course
Classic Spaghetti with Meat SauceClassic Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
Stewed Rice Meat SupremeStewed Rice Meat Supreme
Menu icon meat
Menu icon vegetable
Mushrooms in Oyster SauceMushrooms in Oyster Sauce
Vegetable with Minced GarlicVegetable with Minced Garlic
Menu icon dessert
Snowman Ice CreamSnowman Ice Cream
Colorful Ice CreamColorful Ice Cream
Menu icon drink
This table only lists food from The Round Table dinner menu.

Play and dateEdit

Social play
Social date


Talk about favorite foods Play date action point
  • "I never eat ice cream, too much sugar."
Ask about work Play date action point
  • (Where do you usually find inspiration?)
    • "Inspiration's everywhere. The world is a very interesting place."
  • (How goes your company?) Play date action point
    • "You should ask Albert, I just care about the design side. I've asked him about trying to compete for some of the larger projects, but he doesn't seem to be interested.
      • (How did you decided to work with Albert?)
        • "I don't exactly remember how we met, but we were both students in Atara at the time. We hatched this idea while in a cafe talking about other nonsense."
      • (Who works harder in the company?)
        • "Oh, no question, Albert does. I do put my all into all of my designs though."

Sitting on the benchEdit

Casual talk Play date action point
  • "I met my master when I was in Atara, I have to push myself to the limit to have a chance at becoming a great architect like her one day."
Compliment Play date action point
  • (I've heard your designs are top class.)
    • "To get to the top, it's all about time and effort."
  • (You're very nice to your sister.)
    • "I want her to live a happy life, out of anyone, she deserves it the most."

Romance Edit

Social confession
Gust is one of many bachelors to marry. The player may confess to him upon reaching four full hearts and reaching the "Friend" status. A successful confession changes the relationship status to "Boyfriend" or higher.

Upon reaching "Lover" status, purchases from the A&G Construction handbook requires 6% less Gols for homestead upgrades. He also provides a 20% discount when purchasing from the A&G Company Store.

Upon marrying Gust, he provides a 25% discount when purchasing from the A&G Company Store.

Cutscene with Gust Edit

In spring and if you go past your house after 4pm and QQ has arrived. You will find Gust painting under the tree by the rivers edge, walk towards him and it will start a cutscene.

Gust is painting when QQ comes in and starts to run around then go's over and has a drink from the blue bucket, emptying it of water then he falls asleep. Gust turns and look at QQ then looks at his paintbrush.

Gust: "Now i can't wash my brush..."

The cutscene ends and Gust and the player have a talk. (Unlocks a secret photo spot.)

Gust: ???

Player gets three questions to answer this, with different outcomes:

Answer 1:

  • Need me to fetch you some more water?
  • Gust says "No need, i was just getting some inspiration, please don't disturb me.
  • You get +10 relationship points with Gust.

Answer 2:

  • Are you ok?
  • Gust says "Its just a little water."
  • you lose -10 relationship points with Gust.

Answer 3:

  • I'll just pretend i didn't see that....
  • Gust turns back around and carries on painting.

If you chose 1 or 2 Albert comes up to Gust and they start talking, but if you chose answer 3 you don't get this conversation.

Albert "Hey Gust! Great news! We got that Atara project!

Gust "I told you so, Oh ye of little faith.

Albert "Yep, yep, you're right, you're right. Come on, let's go plan this out!

Gust and Albert dissappear.

AND special mission related to Gust pops up if you answered with 1 or 2.

Go and pick up the Blue Bucket to get the mission. (You have to complete this Mission before Gust goes home otherwise it dissappears and you have to restart the day to try again.)

After clicking on the Bucket you get:

Player (Name)

(What to do next?) And two options.

  • Option 1 Get some water for Gust.

Gives you the mission "Gust's painting"

  • Option 2 Leave it.

Spring night timeEdit

Not sure if this scene is triggered by time (year 2) or relationship with Gust reaches good friend.

Ginger sits by the river bank and Gust is asleep. Approach will trigger cutscene. Ginger says Gust is asleep like a rock. Reply either choice will wake up Gust. Choose "Sorry I will not disturb you anymore." + 10 points with Gust.

Gust's Painting Mission Edit

  • Help Gust fetch some water to wash his paintbrush.

Mission details.

  • Fetch some water.


  • +20 relationship points with Gust.
  • 1 township point.
  • 200 EXP.
  • 50 Gols.

Go down to the river, walk along untill you can collect water from it.

  • You get 1 full Bucket,

Take it back to Gust and put it down beside him, finshing the Mission

Gust says "You really like to sick your nose in to everything... thanks."

Gust's Proposal

After being in a relationship with Gust, go to the beach at Portia Harbor. Gust will be there standing in the center of flower petals shaped like a heart and candles. A cutscene triggers and he begins by apologizing for not speaking passionately to you before. He tells you he always planned on leaving Portia once his sister married, but now he can't. Then he gets down on one knee and proposes! If you accept, you get +50 relationship with him and a wedding ring. The wedding will be held the next day.

Other options: "I'm not ready for marriage", "Actually, I like your sister", or "Sorry, I don't want to marry a narcissist".

Schedule Edit

Spring: Edit

9.27 am Gust will arrive at A&G Construction.

12.13 pm Gust leaves A&G Construction and gose up to join Ginger at home.

After 2pm he leaves and gose to paint under the tree by the riverside under your farm. You can see him running past your farm. By 3.30 pm he arrives at the spot and starts painting. QQ arrives at 4.14 pm.

On Saturdays, Gust stays home until 11 am. Dr. Xu is also visiting. At 11 am, both of them run out. Gust goes to The Round Table and have (business?) lunch with Albert (who definitely has a crush on Ginger). Pretty dull lunch imo, neither of them talk or drink during it. Everyone rushed out the restaurant at 4 pm for some reason. Gust runs to his usual painting spot near the river next to the five brothers having BBQ until 6 pm. In winter, he hangs around his mother's grave during day, paints at Central Plaza at night.

Dialogue Edit

You're the new Builder. I'm Gust, I'd love to stop and chat, tea, cake, and all, but I'm busy, so, good day.
— Upon first meeting
Oh, the house seems having been broken in by thief. It is non of your business.
— After receiving reports of thefts in town
I'd say this is one of Django's better offerings... still, the taste hasn't changed since he's been here.
— On Winter Solstice