A construction material based off of soil, it's cool and sturdy.

Obtaining Edit

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Item Time Materials
Hardened ClayHardened Clay

Hardened Clay
1hr 30m
Tempering LiquidTempering Liquid

2 Tempering Liquid

3 Resin

12 Soil

Crafting Edit

Assembly StationAssembly Station
Assembly Station
Blueprint Materials
Recycling MachineRecycling Machine

Recycling Machine
Hardened ClayHardened Clay

10 Hardened Clay
Steel PlateSteel Plate

5 Steel Plate
Industrial EngineIndustrial Engine

4 Industrial Engine
Bridge TowerBridge Tower

Bridge Tower
Hardened ClayHardened Clay

8 Hardened Clay
Steel PlateSteel Plate

10 Steel Plate
Strengthened GlassStrengthened Glass

2 Strengthened Glass
Chimney RoofChimney Roof

Chimney Roof
Hardened ClayHardened Clay

3 Hardened Clay
Large Iron BucketLarge Iron Bucket

1 Large Iron Bucket
Aluminum PlateAluminum Plate

2 Aluminum Plate
Large PipeLarge Pipe

2 Large Pipe

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