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Introduction Edit

The Hazardous Ruins are dangerous ruins located northeast of Portia in the Collapsed Wasteland and in the Eufaula Desert. The Hazardous Ruins is home to dangerous enemies and traps, causing the ruins to be strictly prohibited from trespassing. The Civil Corps are responsible for closing off and opening the entrance to these ruins.

To enter the Hazardous Ruins in the Collapsed Wasteland, the player needs to prove his or her strength by sparring with a Civil Corps member, the player can then enter the Collapse Wasteland and find the Hazardous Ruins.

For the Hazardous Ruins in the Eufaula Desert, players will need to complete the Mission: Rescue in Ingall's Mine before being allowed to enter the ruins.

Entering the ruins consumes a certain amount of time, although time inside the ruins freezes. Each time the player enters another level, time is consumed. However, time is not consumed when advancing to the next floor.

Advancing to the next floor requires meeting one of two criteria:

  • simply navigating through obstacles or
  • defeating all enemies in the floor.

The player has the option to quit in the middle of a run to return to the overworld.

Sewage Plant Edit

The Sewage Plant is a toxic ruins home to poisonous enemies and the Chemical Dropout.


Monsters Sup Edit

Levels 1 & 2 includes the Plier Imps, Masked Fiend, Slow Gooey, and Jump Dancers.

Levels 3 & 4 in addition to the above lineup, Bandirats and Redrats are added on these levels.

The Boss on each level is a Chemical Dropout. The boss is level 17 on Level 1 and level 19 on Level 2.


Loot commonly dropped by monsters includes Copper Wire, Old Parts, Tempering Liquid, Venom, Teeth, Copper Bar, and Gols.

Chests offer rare technology items such as Lubricant, Data Discs, Small Silicon Chips, Springs, Valves, and Simple Circuits. Blood Stones can also be found in chests.

Killing the Boss on each level for the first time will reward you with a one-time loot item instead of the middle item shown for clearing the Level. For the 1st Level's Boss, you get a Uniform Jacket instead of a Small Engine. For the 2nd Level's Boss, you get the Enhanced Iron Sword Recipe instead of 2 Blood Stones. For the 3rd Level's Boss, you get a Meidi Traditional Hat instead of 1 Small Silicon Chip. For the 4th Level's Boss you get Lion's Claw instead of 2 Data Discs.

At any point in time you can leave the ruins without finishing the specific level without having to worry about losing it.

Ingall's Mine Edit

Ingall's Mine is an abandoned mine that is home to 2 different variants and 2 different mechanical bosses. (As of Alpha 6.0)

It is available upon completing the mission; Rescue in Ingall's Mine. After completion, in a few days time, a letter will arrive stating that the Civil Corps have surveyed the area and declared it to be a new Hazardous Ruins that is open to all.

Middle Level (Level 2): Spawning around 3-4 Floors, the player will have to kill around 8-24 enemies (includes boss) depending on the floor layout. There are also 1-4 possible blue chest locations.


Monsters Edit

Upper Level (Level 1) consists of Level 35 Flame Variant and Level 37 Miner Variant.

Middle Level (Level 2) consists of Level 39 Flame Variant and Level 40 Miner Variant.

Middle Level 2 (Level 3) (...)

The Boss on Upper Level (Level 1) is a Level 38 Digger AI. While on Middle Level (Level 2), it is a Level 42 Piggy-bot 007. On Level 3 it is a Digger AI again.

Loot Edit

Upper Level (Level 1) Edit

When killing the Digger AI for the first time, he will drop a Nova Sword.

Blue chests in this level spawns Silicon Chipset, Condensed Power Stone, Small Dagger (uncommon)

Brown chests in this level spawns Small Silicon Chip, Tempering Liquid, Nitre

Middle Level (Level 2)Edit

Blue Chests in this level spawns Silicon Chipset, Condensed Power Stone, Carving Knife (uncommon) and Multi-function Knife (uncommon).

Middle Level 2 (Level 3)Edit