Higgins is a Portia town builder and the biggest of your four rivals. He constantly holds Top Place on the Workshop Rank.


Due to his position as rival, Higgins' relationship with the player will always be "nemesis". As such, Higgins cannot gain relationship points, receive gifts, play Rock, Paper, Scissors, or any other social interactions. Higgins can be sparred with, however.


Higgins' preferences, if any, is unknown due to the fact that he cannot receive gifts from the player.


Higgins has no influence for having a certain level of relationship.

Schedule Edit

  • Paces outside the Commerce Hall until 8:00 am when it opens. As soon as it's opened he dashes in and takes a commission off the board (usually the best one).

Dialogue Edit

You must be... the competition! Whatever! The more the merrier! Bring it on!
— Upon first meeting


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