Menu inventory

The inventory is a collection of gathered items that is stored in the player's backpack. The inventory page also displays basic character information, such as character level, health, stamina, endurance, attack, and defense points. Worn equipment is displayed on the left side of the inventory, containing headwear, torso, legwear, and three slots for accessories.

Primarily, the inventory page displays a maximum of 120 item slots for storage, as well as the amount of gols currently in possession. Items can be sorted or abandoned. Selecting an item displays its information, such as description, location, and selling price. If the inventory is full of items, the player cannot gather any additional items in the overworld, treasure chests, shops, or through other means. Extra items from quarrying, harvesting etc are stored in temporary chests and collected automatically when approached with free inventory slots.

Additionally, the hotbar allows for an additional 8 items to be carried, allowing a maximum of 128 items altogether.

Item stackingEdit

Inventory menu

Inventory page with stacked items

Identical items will be stacked together to lessen the amount of inventory space being taken. Items can stack up to 999 items. Any leftover items surpassing the maximum capacity will take another slot. Weapons, tools, equipment, and other important items cannot be stacked together and only permit 1 item per slot.

Items can also be destacked by holding "Shift" and clicking on an item. The interface will specify the quantity of the item to destack.

Unlocking more inventory slotsEdit

At first, the inventory can only hold 16 items. The inventory can be expanded by purchasing the next row using gols. Simply clicking on a locked slot will give the option to purchase more inventory space.

Row expansion Item slots Cost
First 8 Gols 400
Second 8 Gols 600
Third 8 Gols 900
Fourth 8 Gols 1300
Fifth 8 Gols 2000
Sixth 8 Gols 3000
Seventh 8 Gols 4500
Eighth 8 Gols 6800
Ninth 8 Gols
Tenth 8 Gols
Eleventh 8 Gols
Twelfth 8 Gols
Thirteenth 8 Gols 23000
Fourteenth 8 Gols 34500
Fifteenth 8 Gols 51800