The Martial Arts Tournament is an annual event that takes place on the The event occurs on the Friday the 12th and Saturday 13th day of Summer from 09:00. Registration to take part in the event must take place on one of the two days preceding the festival.

The event is a series of sparring matches. 4 fights are held on the first day. On the second day, the winners of these four matches take part in semi-finals, and the winners of these proceed to the final, which is held the same day.

To enter the match, the player must sign up on the War Drum located inside Town Hall or just outside of the city gate between Portia and South Block, and this must be done on Wednesday 10th of summer or Thursday 11th of summer.

Before each match, the player has the option to place a free bet on the winner of each match, and can vote for himself if he participates in the match. Predicting the winner of a match will make Gale Gale send the player a letter with a prize.

The smallest prize is 6
Martial Artist's BadgeMartial Artist's Badge
for predicting one of the 4 initial matches. The biggest prize is 40
Martial Artist's BadgeMartial Artist's Badge
which is awarded for being the overall winner of the tournament.

The Martial Artist's Badges can be exchanged for prizes at Antoine's Gift Exchange at the Commerce Guild.