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  • Sorry to trouble you again. While editing the wiki, I found out some things that might need to be looked into.

    1) May I know what we should add in for the Usage tabs? Is it just for Missions? or? what did you had in mind for the Usage?

    2) I just realized that putting all the crafting tables under the Obtaining tab might be funny as sometimes, the item is not Obtained but used as part of a material like to make a comprehensive cutter we need an industrial furnace or vice verse.

    2A) Do you think we should add a Crafting tab below Usage?


    3) I saw that someone used the plain infobox template on the Stable and decided to create one called Infobox_animals. I thought it would be nice to put some basic info for the Stable, Shed and Coop on the infobox.

    What you think? Should we add anymore things? or is the infobox even necessary?

    Happy to hear your thoughts.

    And, once again, Thank You! :)

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    • Usage is anything that the item is used in, such as: crafting, consuming, equipping, etc. Having crafting AND usage seems kind of redundant for some items.

      I don't understand point #2.

      I don't think the infobox needs anything else. It would be great to have an image, however.

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    • Alright, thanks for the input. As for the pictures, I do not have the capability to do it. So will wait for some one else.

      Oh boy! Looks like I messed up the tabs. I thought all the crafting should also be under the Obtaining tab.

      I will fix them eventually.

      Also, when we put the tables, should we also state the information on the tables?

      For example, we put a table that shows a furniture being crafted in the Assembly Station. Should we then state it that "the item can be crafted in the Assembly Station"? or should we just leave it blank?

      Lastly, I saw that there are some people who put the Assembly Station and Worktable Levels. Should all be included? or excluded?


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    • Usually, when we have a crafting table, we have the header displaying from which crafting table it comes from. Like:

      Worktable Worktable

      So re-stating it seems unnecessary.

      If that is what you are referring to.

      If you're talking about putting the Worktable/Assembly Station levels on the table, then yes. It helps clarify that the item needs to be crafted with this level station.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Regarding this sub title under the Article Page you created,

    Is it possible to put spaces between the Description, Obtaining and others?

    Like == Description ==

    I noticed that all who edited have mostly used that way.

    Even I have been using that

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  • Hello again, regarding tables which are in-line with the infobox.

    If you noticed, some tables are inline with the infobox.

    Sheinth said 60% width looks good on his while mine is 55%.

    What is the common for a Fandom User who just wants to browse this wikia?

    My purpose is to set the table so that it is in line with the infobox and not needing the user to unnecessarily scroll down to see the table.

    Opinions? Thoughts? Comments?

    An example is [[1]]

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    • IMO, I prefer to make things better for the greater population. So in this case, functionality and appearance wise, it's better to go for 55% width since half of the population do not have higher resolutions. This way, it prevents the article from creating too many white spaces and makes the article flow better.

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    • So mine is also with the other Fandom Users? lol. I was wondering where I stand.

      Alright, create a table format too?

      Please? Sorry, even though I have been editing other wikis, creating templates are not my thing

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    • The thing with a table format is that it's not always going to be consistent. The problem is how the information is displayed.

      The following may factor in how the table will be displayed:

      • Space management: Is there a template next to it? How much space is needed to keep the article flowing better?
        • Within the table, the information needs to be substantial in that it doesn't prevent too much dead space within the table cells.
      • Amount of information: Does the table need a lot of information? More information tend to have bigger tables.
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    • Sure thing, I will later go over and fix them up depending on the spaces between the table and info box.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Greetings, I actually did not intend to come here and help the wiki. But after playing the game and trying to look at the content and lack of information, I decided to try and help you guys with the knowledge or resources I have (in-game).

    However, when I got to this place and started editing, there was basically no format, old format and new format. I could not differentiate any of them so I decided to pick one based on the style I like. Unfortunately, it was against how Shienth would like to do it.

    I am fine with it since he was here longer than me. But, I think it would be best for you to set some standards.

    It is weird as I found some people leaving a space after and when I followed that, Shienth said no! He LIKES it to be no space.

    I added the 'Obtained' this or 'Craft' this before the tables as this was based on other people, but Shienth said it is redundant or something similar. So no again. He LIKES it to be just a table only.

    I saw the table formats being 50%, 60% and 100%. But on my browser, a 55% looks good. He also said no, so since he LIKES 60%; it is fine with me.

    But.... Come on man! This is a wiki and not someones backyard.

    You know, I am here to help you guys not to continuously get reprimanded and led by the tail by him and his ideas.

    So, I need you guys help to set up some format or structure so that we both can follow.

    Also, on further note. He changed a page from Piggy-bot 007 to Piggy-Bot 007. The in-game name for the monster is Piggy-bot 007. Based on this thread, I asked what is his view? This is his quote:

    Shienth wrote: I get what you're saying, but I think I'll still go with the capital B here. Similerly, sometimes I'll fudge the descriptions so they'll flow better, because proofreading seems to be a low priority with the Devs as yet.

    It's firmly your page, though.

    I think you need to clarify about how to describe or name things in this wiki too.

    I know it is a small detail but if we continuously compromise, this wiki would not even be the wiki for Portia anymore.

    Sorry for the long message.

    Thanks for the eventual reply.

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  • Hey, we need some decisions on formatting so me and Allthingspossible can stop arguing about it and be productive again.

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    • I will start creating formats for all types of articles later today after work.

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    • Thanks! Your help is apprieciated.

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    • Thoughts/Suggestions (

      Switch 'Usage' and 'Obtaining' sections. Usage almost never contains a table (only in crafting station pages), and provides a buffer for the one in Obtaining, both of which mean that messing around with table width settings to fit nicely is mostly unnecessary.

      On the subject of crafting station pages, I've been putting the recipes in Usage rather than Crafting, because the station is not consumed in the process, although some stations do also have standard recipes at the Assembly Station, such as Industrial Furnace, so those get both types. Move such sections back to Crafting or leave them?

      Finally, yesterday I dug up most of the missing images, in the process finding several misnamed versions already extant. So those are in the image rename list.

      Edit: does not update automatically as the broken links are fixed. Bug?

      Edit Edit: Oh, also do we want dimensions of placeable objects? Like Ind. Furnace is 2x4?

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      1. Order of sections matter to help allow articles flow better. First thing people want to know is how to obtain item. Once obtained, how to use said item. Every section should at best have sentence descriptions to help extend the article. Some readers prefer having in-depth descriptions alongside templates/tables/images/etc. to help understand the subject matter even more. Tables are short info'd and can sometimes be vague or cause ambiguity if not described fully. Like you can tell people how to obtain the Water Wheel by saying something like "From Research by giving # data discs", and that could be vary vague. But a descriptive summary can help avoid the ambiguity.
        • Let's also not forget that some items can be obtained as gifts from NPCs, such as Sugar from Sophie. We can also add that as a method of obtaining.
      2. For the sake of separating items that have more than one function (like it can be consumed, but it can also be used in crafting), it's better to have Crafting and Usage sections separately (or have Crafting be a subsection to Usage since they're theoretically the same thing). For example, Apple can be consumed (Usage), but it is also an ingredient in some recipes (Crafting). Additionally, we should also have a short summary of how the item is being used (ex: Apple can be consumed to provide [stat bonus]. It can also be used in crafting [follow crafting section].) This way, the article can be expanded a bit more to make it less of an eyesore and more of an actual descriptive article.
      3. I will go through and rename these.
      4. Categories that are automatically added through templates, especially large ones, sometimes need to be cached to show up.
      5. Yes, we should have dimensions for placeable objects. This helps determine the size of the item to readers.

      Finally, I've added an example item page for a possible new layout for items. Please check out the Apple page. I've added a short introductory explaining item (not only as a summary, but also to help with extending the article), added even more details in obtaining, and a couple sentences in usage and subsection'd the crafting section into the usage. This way Crafting isn't a necessary section.

      I will update the layouts page to reflect the new layout.

      I would also like to mention that articles shouldn't link to themselves. It's not necessary and would just appear bold. We only bold the first instance the name of the article appears.
      For example: (An Apple is an item. Apples are consumables.) (Note I didn't make the second "apple" bold.)
      I know you didn't do it, but I'd just like to point it out before we continue with the project.
      Secondly, I've made it so that we only need one Item Infobox. I noticed that we have Infobox_item and Infobox_food. Both serve the same purpose, except that food has "Effects". I find this to be redundant in templates since we could have just added that parameter into Infobox_item. I've also made it so that unused parameters are hidden by default.
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, we should probably get a policy decision re:Gifting section being on each item page or not.

    Copied from my post to Sevenbones' wall:

    Personal opinion: We don't need a Gifting section on every single item page.Character pages only is fine. In addition to making item pages neater, it means changes or new findings about Gifts only have to be edited in once rather than twice each.

    The way it's going, it'll just be a revert war until one of us is banned or gives up. Also, I will respect the choice even if it's against me.

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    • I think having the gifting section would be needed once the game is officially released. Since the game is still in alpha, it is prone to being changed with every patch, which is why I typically leave it off.

      The way the section is being handled seems to be quite messy, imo. I personally don't like having the values listed, since: 1) game is in alpha, values will change frequently; 2) it becomes cluttered with unnecessary values. I'd prefer if it was only listing the categories only. The section needs to be simplified.

      Adding on, most of the items are universal neutrals, so having a gifting table is completely unnecessary.

      I think the gifting section should only apply to gifts with a vast majority of NPCs having a different reaction (not neutral) to the item. Eventually, all, if not most, items would need information on gifting (whether it can be gifted or not) since it's still considered a type of information. I personally like having every bit of detail on the articles to help make it informative to readers.

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    • Do you mean:

      1. Leave it alone on each page, either on or off for now.

      2. Add it to all item pages.

      3. Remove it from all item pages.

      4. Wait for someone to construct a better table, than add that?

      Also, maybe Universal Neutrals could be listed as being such, instead of a complicated table. So you can look down and go, 'oh this is totally worthless, giftwise'.

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    • Leave it alone for now. We'll add it once the game is nearing it's official release.

      I've already constructed a better table, but apparently someone else had the idea of changing it. Since they already did a vast majority of the pages, I left it alone. You can see a draft on my sandbox page: User:Bermuda/sandbox. It only displays categories.

      If the item is universally neutral, it could state in the gifting section something like:

      This item is neutrally reacted to all characters.
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Bermuda Im going to try and add some of the South Block Missions this weekend. Some of them they have labeled separately like the Vehicle Pitstop and The Desert Wind. But at least four different missions related to South Block possibly more Id have to look at my screenshots, are named solely South Block Development. They are missions you pick up separately at the Commerce Comission for Iron Wood Supports, Composite Wooden Boards, the Bus Station and the Chimney Roof. Not sure if they categorize as main mission or side missions.

    How should I label the pages for these when I create them since I realize they can't all be labeled South Block Development ? :D Or should I create a page for South Block Development and just list the different missions from above that are labeled that? I dont mind doing it either way just want to make sure I don't do it wrong :D

    I'm at least getting a little better on the editing :D other than managing to mislabel some images this weekend when I didnt realize it had changed the name Id put. Looks like Shenieth tagged them for rename so thats easily fixed at least.

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    • The way I did with the other missions is that I had them all in a single page. For example, you can see Mission: The Portia Bridge had 5 different missions. Following the format on that mission can help you with the mission you're working on.

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    • Perfect thats exactly what had come to mind good to know I was headed on the right train of thought. That will help a lot to have a good reference format. It had come to mind to work on this one when I just realized Windwheel needed updating since we now had a use for it. :D Sadly haven't found an image for it yet in the assets. Thats for another night. Off to bed for me get carried away and lose track of time when Im playing and editing togehter :D 2:45am here in Germany.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey, I've recently started playing the game, And have noticed some sections don't have a lot of info. I'd be willing to help but I don't know much of the coding for the wiki, and I don't wanna cause greif by editing a page and not having it complete. Can I place the info up on the page to have it cleaned up later? Or is there a place where I can post it? Maybe I should just look up how to do the edits?

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    • I’ve not read anywhere if the game has any limits so I can assume it’s limitless.

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    • Any reason why there might be such a difference in the table for the schedule of a few of the characters? Like Arlo Vs. Sam? Should they be made more similar by having the Time|Location|Task? or just Time|Location/task

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • o/

    just a FYI, I have all gift info / favor values parsed and can finish adding those to character-specific pages tomorrow (it's getting late here ;) ).

    Posting that just in case it would spare you double-work, but I noticed you started with dinner dishes first.

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    • I think I will finish with the dinner dishes and then return to restructuring the rest of the NPC articles. I probably wouldn't be able to do the gifts anyways since today is my only day off.

      Glad to have you helping out, though. Hopefully there aren't any major changes with the upcoming patch lol.

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    • I think that such things like gifts / favor values might get tweaked rather often during alpha. No worries though, I have scripts in place and as long as the whole database won't change, updates shouldn't be as much of a hassle as initial check :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Admin person. There's currently two pages/categories that should be merged but I don't know how to do so. Category:Gift has text entered on the page, Category:Gifts is the page that other pages have been linked to.

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