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  • Hey, are you trying a new layout for the Gifts on Qiwa page? It's you revision of the 30 Nov 2017.

    Should we revert it? I find it less appealing.

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      (All tested items who yielded no interesting results)

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    • The second option is better. The title is actually centered, but for some reason, message walls don't center any texts inside tables. Besides, the text won't matter being inside the table if it's only a temporary solution.

      Also, here is what Template:Alpha looks like:

      Mission iconThis article contains information from Alpha 4.0. As such, information may be outdated and may require updating.
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  • Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I found out during game play today that ginger like asteria and topaz! I noticed it wasn’t on her wiki page yet Hope that helps:)

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    • Thank you for letting me know! As always, you are more than welcome to contribute and add any missing information on the wiki. Otherwise, you can notify anyone, like in this situation.

      Have fun!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Bermuda,

    I was looking at post with Plays and i was curous about play With Ginger... You are ably only to sit with her, for some reason Round Table and Drawing isn't working and there aren't more icons of actions.

    My discord name: Miyakei

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    • Highly likely it is a bug. Report it to Shadow on Discord so that he can investigate why it is happening.

      I would also send in a copy of your save file. To get a copy of your save file, follow these steps:

      1. Open up File Explorer and go to the View tab.
      2. Locate "Hidden Items" and checkmark it.
      3. Go to "My Computer/This PC/etc.", OS (C:) Hard drive
      4. Go to Users
      5. Go to AppData
      6. Go to LocalLow
      7. Go to PatheaGames
      8. Go to "My Time at Portia" (with spaces)
      9. Copy the latest file. Usually they are named "Auto_3_5" or whatever.
      10. Upload that file to a file sharing website, such as Google Drive or Dropbox
      11. Send that file to Shadow.

      Note, these steps are for my computer. Yours might be a bit different depending on what system you have.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello Bermuda :)

    Have you find the new map image from 2DTextures ?

    I would need them for the new spawn area of overworld creatures :p

    Is it also possible to upload the small icons from "reputation +++" and "everyone relationship +++" ?

    Thanks a lot and Happy Christmas

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  • That's nice !

    I was thinking to do it but also playing the Alpha 3.5x news...

    In Abandoned Ruin #1, you can also find Small Clock, Leather Sofa and Fan but i think you are in the process to add them :p

    You have made a link on "Sand" but not on "Stone" ?

    Anyway, that's nice :)

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    • It's been awhile since I went into the ruins, so my memory is off. Thanks for reminding me about those items.

      Also, I linked stone on the first paragraph, so that's why I didn't link the other ones. Normally, I don't link the same word more than once in an article (unless it's a table/template).

      I'm in the process of adding info on the other ruins. Feel free to add in other items once I get the other ruin info.

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    • lol ok

      In Abandoned Ruin #2, there's : 

      Iron Ore & mixed with Lead Ore in red patch

      Manganese Ore in blue/green patch

      and many relic : Old Parts & Data Disc, Power Stone, Gear, Spring, Copper Wire, Large Iron Bucket, Industrial Engine, Washing Machine, Carbon Fiber, Small Silicon Chip and I'm not sure if we sill find Lubricant, may be a delete item in Alpha 3.5x.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • That's nice that you've start this page !

    I have made some test as now, i think this : 

    • eatch catch give specific material + 1 meat :
      • Cow = Milk
      • Calf = Meat
      • Horse = Fiber Plant
      • Sheep = Worn Fur
    • if you catch 4 of a type, you win like you've catch 5! : 4 Calf => 5 Meat + 5 Meat

    good luck to put it in shape and test your side: p

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    • I tried playing it but I couldn't catch any animals after this patch. I could catch a majority before A3.5 but now it's not as responsive as it was (animals simply pass by despite roping them). So I gave up on it lol. Will try again when the game is modified to be a bit more responsive.

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    • Also, I haven't been playing after I heard about save corruptions after A3.5. So to not risk getting corrupted, I laid low and stopped playing. I think the recent patch cleaned it up, though.

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    • Oh ? I've juste made 15-20 test tonight and there's no pb for me, juste need to use the rope at the right time, and as you catch some, they run faster and faster ! tonight, my better score was 9 catch for 420 points :

      • 4 cow (5 milk + 5 meat)
      • 1 calf (1 meat + 1 meat)
      • 2 horse (2 Fiber Plant + 2 Meat)
      • 2 Sheep (2 Worn Fur + 2 Meat)

      and 3 more meat that i can't explain... i may be for the 1st 4 in a row... realy can't find out why 

      I've also test to catch exactly 4 of a type for my previous message.

      If you need some image to study the reward system, i have some ^^

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    • Oh and now, i backup my saves game each in-game morning because the game run on 6 saves (but 4 to 5 run ?) now (than 24 saves in 3.0)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Can you add Category:Mechanics as a new top navigation menu, like Workshop and Category:Items ?

    It's rather difficult to find a link to some pages when they are important.

    If it's OK for you, i think you can add in this new menu :


    Treasure Chest

    Creatures (do i convert this to Category:Creatures ?)

    Game controls ? (have you see the add of xbox 360 gamepad ?)

    Character_customization ?

    Inventory ?

    Category:Minigames ? (I will add the game of lasso and darts)

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  • Alright, I've set admin rights for you. :)

    Let me know if there are any users you think should be moderators of any sort, I'll trust your judgement there since I've not been able to be around and am thus out of the loop on who's around. Also, message wall doesn't actually reach me if I don't login, so that's why you never heard from me after posting on my message wall. Feel free to hit me up on discord or Steam. gamsii#3910 / gamsii

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    • Thank you so much! I will do everything I can to take care of the wiki. Real life is important, so do take care. Hope to see you around in the future though.

      If you don't mind, can I also have bureaucrat rights as well (or thereby have permission to request bureaucrat rights on Community Central)? That way, when potential editors can be promoted and you're not around, I can promote them myself.


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey!

    In the images you extracted from the games asset files did you get any of the clothes from the Clothing Shop? I've combed thru what I extracted and the only icon I could find was the tier 3 pants. I can't even find the Work ClothsWork Pants icons for the Worktable.

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  • Hi,

    I've made an edit on your To-Di list (sorry, you can delete after ^^)

    I've start a french wikia (because i am ^^) because i dont have any right here to had pages in the scroling menu and i have to learn from my creating of the french one :p

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    • It’s okay. I usually just leave a to-do list so people can see what I am wishing to work on.

      Good luck on your French wiki. Wish I knew how to speak French.

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    • A FANDOM user
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