Conduct of the mission Edit

On Day 12, Month 1, Year 1, you'll receive a letter from the Portia Government:

  • Letter "The 19th of this month is the Day of the Bright Sun, we sincerely invite you to prepare a present for the town and give it to Mayor Gale before 18th. On the day of the holiday, we will throw the presents from our airship like always. Thank you!"
Bonus to Everyone
Prompt sad -1 Caterpillar
Prompt ordinary +0 Stone Wood Sand Tree Sap Herbs Meat Salt Coriander Copper Ore Tin Ore Worn Fur
Prompt happy +2 Practice Sword Apple Apple Small Clock Wooden Storage Venom Stone Brick Roasted Meat Colorful Fur Apricot Juice Blue Leather Dried Apple Slice Strange Mirror Data Disc Hardwood Old Parts Glass Copper Wire Copper Bar Bronze Bar Fiber Cloth Fur Rubber Fruit Wild Cocoon Shell Wooden Board Salad Sauce Honeybee Wax Marble
+5 Topaz Leather Sofa Stone Table Bookshelf Talisman Resin Blood Stone Bird Nest
+10 Small SatchelExplorer's Cap Bronze Axe Bronze Pickaxe Desk Lamp Casual Hoodie
+15 Iron Sword Iron Axe Iron Pickaxe

Place of interest Edit

Rewards Edit

  • Everyone -1Prompt sad to +15Prompt happy

If you have the small satchel this can be given as a gift to receive the +15 favor with everyone. (You can obtain a small satchel in a treasure chest located in the Portia School.)