Conduct of the mission Edit

On day 12, Month 1, Year 1, you'll receved a letter from Portia Government :

  • Letter "The 19th of this month is the Day of Bright Sun, we sincerely invite you to prepare a present for the town and give it to Mayor Gale before 18th. On the day of the holiday, we will throw the presents from our airship like always. Thank you!"
Bonus to Everyone
-1Prompt sad none +2Prompt happy +5Prompt happy +10Prompt happy +15Prompt happy
Caterpillar StoneWoodSandTree SapHerbsMeatSaltCorianderCopper OreTin OreWorn Fur Small ClockWooden StorageVenomStone BrickRoasted MeatColorful FurApricot JuiceBlue LeatherDried Apple SliceStrange MirrorData DiscHardwoodOld PartsGlassCopper WireCopper BarBronze BarFiber ClothFurRubber FruitWild CocoonShellWooden BoardHoneybee WaxMarble Practice SwordLeather SofaStone TableTalismanResinSalad SauceBlood StoneBird NestApple Explorer's CapTopazBronze AxeBronze Pickaxe Small Satchel

Place of interest Edit

Rewards Edit

  • Everyone -1Prompt sad to +15Prompt happy

If you have the small satchel this can be given as a gift to receive the +15 favor with everyone. (You can obtain a small satchel in a treasure chest located in the Portia School.)