Conduct of the missionEdit

You just obtained your Builder's License and have to register it:

  • Presley "Now, you just need to take this license over to the Mayor's Office and get your workshop registered, after witch you can start taking regular commissions."
  • Presley "Come back and talk with me after you register."

Go to the Town Hall meet Mayor Gale:

  • Gale "Welcome, welcome! You must be PlayerName! I'm Gale, the mayor of this town. It is truly wonderful to see young people getting involved in the telesis of our society."
  • LindaMarco 2 "I'm here to register my workshop."
  • Gale "Very well, what is the name of your workshop?"
  • Gale "PlayerWorkshopName, nice name. There, your registration is complete."

Back to the Commerce Guild:

  • Presley "You're now a bonefide workshop owner! Your Pa would've been so proud!"

Places of interestEdit


  • Rep +30

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