The Builder Test is the second main mission in Portia. The mission is given by Presley.

Mission detailsEdit

  • The First Builder Test
    • Simple Axe (1x)
    • Pickaxe (1x)
  • The Second Builder Test
    • Make a Stone Furnace (1x)

The first builder test is crafting a Simple Axe and a Pickaxe using wood and stone found throughout Portia. The worktable is found in the Workshop. The Simple Axe can be created with 5 wood and 8 stone. The Pickaxe can be created with 8 wood and 5 stone. Upon crafting the required items, the player can show these items to Presley and proceed with the second builder test.

The second builder test is building a Stone Furnace from the Assembly Station. The Stone Furnace needs 10 wood and 1 Stone Stool to build. Using the available tools crafted from the first builder test, the player can cut down small trees and bushes for wood and mine small rocks for stone. The Stone Stool can be crafted in the worktable and requires 10 stone to craft. The player can retrieve the newly built Stone Furnace and place it in their yard. By completing this test, Presley will reward the player with a Builder's License.


Places of interestEdit

Necessary itemsEdit


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