Paulie is the super-buff resident furniture maker. According to him, no one is more manly. He has a large x-shaped scar on his right cheek.

Gifting Edit

Favorite (+10)

Loved (+5)

Liked (+1)

  • Cheap Soda, Wood

Disliked (-5)

Hated (-10)

Schedule Edit

Dialogue Edit

Welcome! Smallish builder! I sell furniture here in my store, so if you have any need for manly decors, you know where to find me.
— Upon first meeting
Men should be as strong as me! Mars? Oh, come on, he's not even close.
Once I said I wanted to be the strongest man in Portia, they all laughed. Then I said I wanted to run a furniture store, they laughed even more. But look who got the last laugh.


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