Paulie is the super-buff resident furniture maker. According to him, no one is more manly. He has a large x-shaped scar on his left cheek.

Paulie also runs the furniture store in Portia, called Best Brother.


Paulie was made fun of as a skinny kid when he was growing up in Portia. This pushed him to become enamored in building up his body to become the strongest man in the city. Not satisfied with that, he also opened a furniture shop, because that's the manly thing to do.


Paulie was born on Winter of Day 25 in Portia. Growing up, he was always mocked for being skinny, causing him to build his body to become the strongest man in Portia. Eventually, he also founded Best Brother furniture store, claiming that it was the manly thing to do.


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Social talk
Men should be as strong as me! Mars? Oh, come on, he's not even close.
Once I said I wanted to be the strongest man in Portia, they all laughed. Then I said I wanted to run a furniture store, they laughed even more. But look who got the last laugh.


Paulie is eligible for sparring.

Social spar Level: 30
Results Relationship Rewards
1st 2nd 3rd
Prompt ordinary
Prompt happy
Prompt happy

{{i|Herbal Juice}

Lose (? to ?)


Social RPS

Paulie is eligible for Rock, Paper, Scissors.

The daily count to play is three games.



Buddy StarStarStar 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2
Receive a 10% discount when consuming in the store
Friend StarStarStarStarStar 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2
Receive a 20% discount when consuming in the store
Good Friend StarStarStarStarStarStarStar 2Star 2Star 2Star 2
Receive a 25% discount when consuming in the store

Gifting Edit

Data taken from game assets, game version 7.0100427. Listed values are without The Giver skill, which gives an extra 1-2 points.

Social gift Gifting
Prompt happy
Love +35
Llama SculptureLlama Sculpture
Wall LightWall Light
Simple DeskSimple Desk
Spicy TeaSpicy Tea
Like +8
Small ChairSmall Chair
Wooden StorageWooden Storage
Asteria (Bouquet)Asteria (Bouquet)
Power StonePower Stone
Prompt sad
Dislike -2
Red TeaRed Tea
Milk TeaMilk Tea
Hate -5
Small ClockSmall Clock
Copper OreCopper Ore
Tin OreTin Ore
Animal FecesAnimal Feces

All other items will default to Neutral (+1).

Desires Edit

The following items are desires, which are randomly assigned to one or two NPCs per week. In the event that this NPC has a desire, gifting the wanted item will provide the higher tier points; otherwise, on non-desired events, the item gives the base point value.

Desire head icon Desires
Desire icon
Llama SculptureLlama Sculpture
Desire icon
Wall LightWall Light
Desire icon
Simple DeskSimple Desk

Food preferencesEdit

  • Likes spicy
  • Dislikes stewed/salty
  • Dislikes tea
Play date eat Dining
Prompt happy
Prompt sad
Menu icon appetizer
Menu icon main course
Main Course
Spaghetti with Hot SauceSpaghetti with Hot Sauce
Supremely Spicy SpaghettiSupremely Spicy Spaghetti
Portia Hot PotPortia Hot Pot
Classic Spaghetti with Meat SauceClassic Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
Stewed Rice Meat SupremeStewed Rice Meat Supreme
Menu icon meat
Spicy Fish SoupSpicy Fish Soup
Menu icon vegetable
Mapo TofuMapo Tofu
Spicy and Sour PotatoSpicy and Sour Potato
Menu icon dessert
Menu icon drink
Red TeaRed Tea
Milk TeaMilk Scented Tea
This table only lists food from The Round Table dinner menu.


Social play


Talk about favorite foods Play date action point
  • "I'm eating less salty things now per the good doctor's advice."
  • "The Portia Hot Pot is really good, it's got some unique seasonings found only in this city. Wanna try it?"
  • "I don't drink Red Tea because I can't sleep after that."
Ask about work Play date action point
  • (How's the business going?)
    • "Not bad, most of the folks in Portia recognize the quality of my furniture, so I get plenty of orders!"
  • (What's it like making furniture?)
    • "It helps me make money, it's simple, and it lets me exercise! What's not to like?"

Sitting on the benchEdit

Casual talk Play date action point
  • "I've been around alright, Sandrock, Tallsky, Walnut Groove, you name it. But the most manly place is still here... no, no, not Portia. Inside my heart!"
Compliment Play date action point
  • (You must be insanely strong!)
    • "Yes I am! I have this workout regime, even got Mars to join in."
  • (You have a very useful store!)
    • "Yeah, people don't mention that too often. They think I'm a muscle brain and that's all I got."
What types of gifts do you like? Play date action point
  • "That's a manly question! I, of course, would be interested in strong crafting material for my shop."
  • "As manly as I am, don't give me any clocks, the sound of the clock ticking drives me insane!"


Social confession
Social propose

Paulie is one of many bachelors to marry. The player may confess to him upon reaching four full hearts and reaching the "Friend" status. A successful confession changes the relationship status to "Boyfriend" or higher.

Schedule Edit

Dialogue Edit

Welcome! Smallish builder! I sell furniture here in my store, so if you have any need for manly decors, you know where to find me.
— Upon first meeting
I use to see a bike parked along side main street, but it's disappeared recently.
— After receiving reports of thefts in town
If you want to be manly, you've got to stuff this spicy stuff in your mouth and chew slowly! Wahaha!, hot!
— On Winter Solstice