Peach Plaza

Peach Plaza highlighted on the Portia Map.

Peach Plaza the central area located within Portia City just inside the walls and serves as a hub with direct routes throughout most of Portia, leading straight to the Church of the Light, Abandoned Ruins, Cemetery, Central Plaza, Civil Corps, Dr. Xu's Clinic, and the Collapsed Wasteland. There appears to be a Coffee Shop just west of the Plaza but is currently inaccessible as of Alpha 8.0.106959.

Points of Interest Edit

As the Central Hub of Portia, Peach Plaza not only connects most of the city together directly but also contains several places of importance. This includes the Commerce Guild (managed by Presley and Antoine) at the epicenter, with A&G Construction (managed by Albert and Gust) to its left, and Town Hall (managed by Gale) to its right with Happy Apartments a little further in that direction. Just south of the Plaza lies The Round Table (managed by Sonia and Django), a restaurant where one can restore their Stamina, play Mini-games, or go on Play & Dates. A little further east on Main Street, Alice's Flower Shop can be found (managed by the owner of the same name). Just west of the Plaza, an inaccessible Coffee Shop can be found.

Events Edit

Peach Plaza serves as the setting for Fireside Meetings, a gathering to inform and introduce players about new situations or recall past occurrences. The Plaza is also the beginning point for the Day of the Bright Sun festival as well as the Day of Memories festival. Several story related cut-scenes will also play as players enter the Plaza, such as the case with the Polluted Fountain incident and Crash of the Altair One space station.