Phyllis is the nurse at Portia's only clinic, which is run by Dr. Xu.

She wears a yellow and white polka dot headband, a green and yellow striped jacket, a pink and shirt with a dog on it, and distressed shin-length blue jeans. She has colorful hearts drawn between her eyes and eyebrows.

Birthday is on the 17th of Summer.

Gifting Edit

Favorite (+10)

  • Roses

Loved (+5)

  • Asteria

Liked (+1)

  • Orange Juice
  • Wildflowers

Disliked (-5)

  • Stone

Hated (-10)

Dialogue Edit

Oh, who might you be?
— Upon first meeting
How does someone's mental health affect one's physical being? Ah, sorry, I was in that zone. If you have an ailment, please come to the clinic.


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