You play as a young adult whom has just arrived in Portia by boat. Your character's name and appearance can be customized through a range of options which are limited in the current build but are expected to be expanded upon.

As of Alpha 1.0, only the male character model is available to play as. The default name for the male character is Marco.

History Edit

Arriving in Portia, you are greeted by Presley, the man in charge of the Commerce Guild. He shows you to your house and attached workshop just outside the city's walls, where he gives you a letter written to you by your Pa, along with a book of instructions and diagrams to go with the workshop. The letter states that, by the time you read it, he is already on the other side of the world, and that he is sorry he couldn't be a good father for you. The reason for his journey is unknown, stating simply "This was all so sudden, I didn't have much time to tell you or figure out how to take care of you."

Questions Edit

The letter leaves the player with a ton of questions. Why did we come to Portia to begin with? What drove our Pa to travel to the other side of the world? Do we even know our father all that well, if he never had much time to figure out how to take care of us? Has he abandoned us for good, hinted at by the "live a wonderful life!"?


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