The player character is a character directly controlled by the player to perform various in-game actions, such as running, gathering, crafting, and more.

The default name for the player character is Marco if male or Linda if female.


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As the player character, the player can fully customize the character to fit his or her liking. The player can choose between a male or a female, choose hairstyles and adjust facial features.

Throughout the game, the player can purchase, with the use of the in-game currency gols or later Flexible Fiber, clothes to further customize his or her character's attire.

Personal lifeEdit

The player arrives in Portia via boat from Barnarock to settle in the workshop that was inherited by his or her father, simply known as Pa. The player is met by commissioner of the Commerce Guild, Presley, and joins the Commerce Guild and registers his or her workshop from the mayor of Portia. The player is rivaled with Higgins, another workshop builder, and competes in completing as many commissions as possible.

After registering the workshop, Presley attempts to give the first commission but is rudely stolen by Higgins himself. Arlo enters the Commerce Guild and gives a commission request to build a bridge to Amber Island, in which Presley gives that commission to the player. Gale, the mayor, provides a mission to the player to investigate the cave in Amber Island. Though, unbeknownst to them, the Bandirats had been stealing items from the townsfolk and hid in the cave.

After clearing the cave from the Bandirats and retrieving the stolen items, the player is commissioned to restore the Tree Farm. Panbats had infested the Tree Farm and absorbed the energy from the trees, causing the Tree Farm to shut down until further notice. The player is instructed by Aadit and Dawa to scare off the Pandabats with a loud sound and restore the farm's water supply. Commissioned to build a waterwheel to gather water for the farm, the player restores the Tree Farm's natural state, thus reopening the farm.


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