Polly is the middle child of Mars and Carol, with Molly being her elder sister and Dolly being her little sister. She is the more independent of the three sisters, preferring to spend time away from the other two girls.


The middle child of Mars and Carol, Polly loves to read and study. She likes to go visit the Research Center and play board games with Isaac. Polly feels that her sisters need to study more to have a chance at a better life in the future, but she mostly keeps to herself. She wants to get a scholarship from the prestigious University of Atara.


Polly was born on Spring of Day 25 and is the middle child of Carol and Mars. She attends the local school in Portia with the rest of the children in the town. Unlike the other girls in her family, Polly is extremely smart and wishes to obtain a scholarship to the University of Atara when she grows older. Polly feels that her sisters need to take their studies more seriously, but she tends to keep to herself.

Polly enjoys visiting the Research Center, the Commerce Guild, and playing Cross Five with Isaac.

Out of all the cities and countries she has learned in school, Polly wants to visit Seesai the most.

Physical appearanceEdit

Polly wears an orange dress with yellow polka dots on top of a white blouse with pale orange stripes, orange leggings, and red shoes. She wears her hair up in a but with a ribbon tied around it.


Interactions: Social talk Social gift Social RPS Social play

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Social talk
I did great on the last test. I wonder how well my sisters did.


Social RPS

Polly is eligible for Rock, Paper, Scissors.

The daily count to play is three games.



Polly has no relation perks.

Gifting Edit

Data taken from game assets, game version 7.0100427. Listed values are without The Giver skill, which gives an extra 1-2 points.

Social gift Gifting
Prompt happy
Love +20
Casual HoodieCasual Hoodie
Journey to the EastJourney to the East
Dried ApricotDried Apricot
Silk ScarfSilk Scarf
Like +8
Desk LampDesk Lamp
Asteria (Bouquet)Asteria (Bouquet)
Power StonePower Stone
Prompt sad
Dislike -2
Lobster ClawLobster Claw
Lobster MeatLobster Meat
Hate -5
Emperor CatfishEmperor Catfish
Copper OreCopper Ore
Tin OreTin Ore
Animal FecesAnimal Feces

All other items will default to Neutral (+1).

Desires Edit

The following items are desires, which are randomly assigned to one or two NPCs per week. In the event that this NPC has a desire, gifting the wanted item will provide the higher tier points; otherwise, on non-desired events, the item gives the base point value.

Desire head icon Desires
Desire icon
Desire icon
Dried ApricotDried Apricot

Food preferencesEdit

  • Likes juice
  • Likes ice cream
  • Dislikes seafood
Play date eat Dining
Prompt happy
Prompt sad
Menu icon appetizer
Banner Fish SaladBanner Fish Salad
Smoked Fish RollSmoked Fish Roll
Creamy Salmon StewCreamy Salmon Stew
Creamy Shrimp StewCreamy Shrimp Stew
Menu icon main course
Main Course
Bamboo Papaya and Seafood with RiceBamboo Papaya and Seafood with Rice
Menu icon meat
Fish PorridgeMeidi's Fish Stew
Spicy Fish SoupSpicy Fish Soup
Menu icon vegetable
Golden Radish SoupGolden Radish Soup
Menu icon dessert
Snowman Ice CreamSnowman Ice Cream
Colorful Ice CreamColorful Ice Cream
Menu icon drink
Apple Juice-dinnerApple Juice
Orange JuiceOrange Juice
Apricot JuiceApricot Juice
This table only lists food from The Round Table dinner menu.


Mission iconThis article contains information from Alpha 4.0. Information may be outdated or has been removed in later versions.
Social play


Talk about favorite foods Play date action point
  • "I could always go for some ice cream."
  • "I love the juices available at this restaurant."
Ask about work Play date action point
  • "My job right now is to study hard at school, so later on I can pick a profession that I really like."

Sitting on the benchEdit

Casual talk Play date action point
  • "Ms. Lucy told us a lot about other cities and countries. I think I want to visit Seesai the most."
Compliment Play date action point
  • (I heard you're a really good student.)
    • "I want to be able to help the Research Center one day. I want to restore all the incredible technologies that we lost during the Age of Darkness."
  • (Do you have a goal in mind?)
    • "My immediate goal is to get into the University of Atara. I'm still a few years away, so I must study hard."
What types of gifts do you like? Play date action point
  • "I'll tell you what I don't like, I don't like fish. I always have trouble getting rid of fish bones."

Schedule Edit

After school (4 PM) Can be found with Isaac playing Cross Five

On Sundays: 9:00 - 15:00 Listening to Lee in the Church of the Light

Dialogue Edit

Are you the new Builder? I'm Polly, it's nice to see other people try to bring about the telesis of this world...or at least that's what the Mayor likes to say, haha. Nice to meet you!
— Upon first meeting
I was talking with Isaac, even though he hates gatherings, he really likes this holiday for some reason, even though he pretends otherwise.
— On Day of the Bright Sun
Isaac told me about the history behind this festival. It's so interesting.
— On Day of the Bright Sun
It's nice when everyone comes together.
— On Winter Solstice
I love the sound of the rain.
— In rain
I need a waterproof bag to keep my books dry.
— In rain
Snow is just crystalized water. Isn't that interesting?
— In snow
Ms. Lucy says the plants are dormant during the winter, but they're starting to bloom again.
— In spring
My sisters' and I share a birthday.
— In spring
It's perfect weather to play cross five with Mr Isaac in the park.
— In spring
I wish we could take a summer holiday, but Mom says we can't afford it.
— In summer
It's perfect weather for ice cream.
— In summer
I love the summer. I get cold so easily.
— In summer
All the leaves change colour in Autumn. I wish I know why.
— In autumn
Mom's working on a new winter coat for me.
— In autumn
Oh, it's getting colder.
— In autumn
I double-dog dared Toby to throw a snowball at Dolly.
— In winter
I like curling up with a good book when it's cold outside.
— In winter
One year the river froze over and we went skating. It was fun.
— In winter

Trivia Edit

If you find her when she is playing cross five with Isaac, you can play cross five against her instead.