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Map of Portia

Portia is a city-state located on the coast of the Western Sea. Portia is part of the Alliance of Free Cities, a group of cities bound to protect from an antagonistic group called the Duvos. The city is located on the southeastern portion of the Alliance of Free Cities, bordering Sandrock, Walnut Groove, and the island of Vega 5.

The player arrives to Portia from Barnarock via boat to start a new life at their Pa's workshop.


Alliance of Free Cities map

Portia's geographical location within the Alliance of Free Cities

Age of DarknessEdit

Prior to Portia's establishment, according to Lucy, the land that seats Portia was formerly known as Dubei. After a calamity that befell the world 330 years ago, old ruins and damaged structures remain and the world was shrouded in darkness. 100 years before the current age, a man named Peach dispelled the clouds and brought sunshine back to the world. His heroism is celebrated everywhere, leading the townsfolk of Portia to create a statue honoring him in the town commons of his namesake.

The establishment of PortiaEdit

Over 80 years ago, Portia had been established over the ruins of Dubei. Thus, the Alliance of Free Cities was formed, when settlers from Ethea settled in the area.

Places of interestEdit


On the map, the icons below indicate:


  • Portia supplies water to Sandrock, due to its lack of water.


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