The crown jewel of the old world, used to store and release massive amounts of energy. Now they're buried everywhere around the world.

Obtaining Edit

Power Stones can be gathered by Quarrying in Abandoned Ruins or rare crystal deposit with an Iron Pickaxe.
You'll find 2-3 on Amber Island and another 2-3 in Collapsed Wasteland.
Can also be purchased at Total Tools ran by Mars.

Total Tools ico Total Tools
Material Amount Price
Power Stone
Power Stone
1 80 Gols

Usage Edit

Used to fuel machines at the Workshop and in some craft:

Menu handbook Workbook
Blueprint Materials
Removable Battery
Removable Battery
3 Marble
Power Stone
3 Power Stone
Bronze Bar
8 Bronze Bar
2 Spring

Gifting Edit

Power Stones are typically liked by all residents of Portia.

Prompt happy
Love +10 Petra
Like +4
+3 AaditAckAlbertAliceAntoineArloCarolDawaDjangoDollyEmilyErwaGaleGustIsaacJackLiuwaLucyMarsMarthaMcDonaldMeiMerlinMintMollyNoraOaksPauliePhyllisPollyPresleyQiwaRemingtonRussoSamSanwaSiwaSoniaSophieTobyTodyWuwaXu
Prompt ordinary Neutral +1 Ginger
Prompt sad
Dislike -2 Lee
Hate -5


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