Qiwa is a fisherman living in Portia's Happy Apartments and one of the seven Hulu Brothers. He spends his time roaming along the outer walls of Portia and fishing near the bridge to Amber Island.

Personal lifeEdit

Qiwa was born in the Summer on Day 5. He has six brothers, nicknamed the Hulu Brothers, who are Dawa, Liuwa, Wuwa, and three unnamed brothers.


Qiwa is a short, plump, tanned man. has a circle beard and a singular mole on his left cheek. He has bushy eyebrows and is typically squinting.

Qiwa wears a dark purple t-shirt with a logo of a purple fruit and the words "Hulu", referencing his relation to the Hulu Brothers. The sleeves are light purple with a lighter shade of a singular purple stripe. His shorts are navy and aqua striped. He sports dark blue shades. His notable feature is his purple polka-dotted hat with "Boy" written in big letters. He casually wears black shoes and white socks.



Mission: The Fishing Rod
Qiwa broke his Beginner's Fishing Rod, make a new one for him or he'll be starving for fish pretty soon.


Taste Items
Prompt happy
Love (6+) All universal loves

Blade Fish

Like (1+) All universal likes


Prompt ordinary
Neutral (0) All universal neutrals
Prompt sad
Dislike (1-) All universal dislikes
Hate (4-) All universal hates

Dialogue Edit

Hey there. I'm Qiwa, the smallest of the Hulu brothers... there are seven of us, so it'll probably take you a while to get used to it, haha.
— Upon first meeting
There are plenty of rules for fishing. Like which fish swims in which area, different bait for different fish, things like that. And of course the fishing rod is also very important, any rod can hook a fish, but only a good rod can bring it in.
Did you know that eating mostly fish can keep a slim body? Look at me!


  • The Hulu Brothers correspond to the color scheme of the rainbow. In Qiwa's case, he represents violet.


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