Rat King is the 4th creature's boss add to the game in Alpha 3.5x, encounter in WOW Industries.

Behaviour Edit

Depending on his health, he will use one of his 4 attacks:

  • Melee, quick strike with the scepter
  • Melee, sequence of a propeller stroke then a slow but powerful stroke of septre
  • Halfway, belly shot
  • Ranged, throws his propeller around him like a boomerang

Drops Edit

On death, drops :

Worn Fur
10 Worn Fur
3 Leather
Copper Pipe
3 Copper Pipe
2 Topaz

Before defeating the Rat King, if you die once, then you have the option to exit. You can exit and re-enter unlimited times. Once you re-enter, instead of turning left to where Rat King is, go to the right and open the three treasure chests for unlimited nitra, data disc, power stone, and enhanced iron sword recipe (50G).

Screenshots Edit

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