Sam is part of the Portia Civil Corps along with Remington, and their leader, Arlo. She has traveled to multiple cities, but finds Portia to be the only place she has felt at home.

She wears a pink aviator hat with white fur trim, oversized brown and orange goggles, pink eye shadow, a bomber jacket to match her hat, a yellow asymmetrical shirt with orange stripes, black fingerless gloves with green trim, and green pants. She wears a pink boxing glove with three stars on it from a belt around her waist, and also carries around a white and blue satchel.

Gifting Edit

Favorite (+10)

  • Roses

Loved (+5)

Liked (+1)

  • Practice Sword
  • Colorful Hat

Disliked (-5)

  • Stone

Hated (-10)

Schedule Edit

  • Morning- Walks down the stairs to the plaza, and walks around the park.
  • Mid-morning to afternoon- walks from plaza to the river
  • If you marry her, she gets up at the same time as you, and will sometimes prepare a meal for you.
  • If you marry her, she returns home around 20:00, and goes to sleep around 22:00.

Dialogue Edit

Hey there. Haven't seen you around. Where you from?
— Upon first meeting
Yo, kid, lookin' good! Be careful in the ruins, don't expect me to save your butt every time, 'kay?


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