Sam is part of the Portia Civil Corps along with Remington, and their leader, Arlo. She has traveled to multiple cities, but finds Portia to be the only place she has felt at home.


Sam was always a tomboy, even during her younger days growing up in Portia. She was feared by all the boys her age. Due to her father's involvement in the war with Duvos, Sam always wanted to enlist in the Civil Corps to protect her city. Rumor has it she fought Arlo to a stand still during her Civil Corps test.


Sam was born on the 23rd Day of Fall.


She wears a pink aviator hat with white fur trim, oversized brown and orange goggles, pink eye shadow, a bomber jacket to match her hat, a yellow asymmetrical shirt with orange stripes, black fingerless gloves with green trim, and green pants. She wears a pink boxing glove with three stars on it from a belt around her waist, and also carries around a white and blue satchel.

Sparring Edit

Sam is eligible for sparring.

Social spar Level: 25
Results Relationship Rewards
1st 2nd 3rd
Prompt ordinary
Prompt happy
Prompt happy
Herbal TeaHerbal Tea
Prompt ordinary
Prompt happy
Prompt happy
(-2 to -5)


Sam is one of many bachelorettes to choose from.


By reaching certain relationship levels, perks are rewarded.

Buddy StarStarStar 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2
Add an extra 5% Resilience.
Friend StarStarStarStarStar 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2Star 2
Add an extra 5% Resilience.
Lover HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 2Heart 2
Add an extra 10% Resilience.
Wife Wedding Ring
A chance at receiving gifts first thing in the morning


Listed values are without The Giver skill (which gives an extra 1-2 points).

Prompt happy
Love +30
Shrimp and Cheese on RiceShrimp and Cheese on Rice
Like +8
Bamboo Papaya and Seafood with Riceseafood paella
Asteria (Bouquet)Asteria (Bouquet)
Power StonePower Stone
Prompt sad
Dislike -2
Hate -5
Copper OreCopper Ore
Prompt ordinary Neutral [+1]
Simple CircuitsSimple Circuits
Casual HoodieCasual Hoodie
Small SatchelSmall Satchel
Shell NecklaceShell Necklace
Panbat MaskPanbat Mask
Crystal NecklaceCrystal Necklace
Wooden BasketWooden Basket
Herbal MixtureHerbal Mixture
Practice SwordPractice Sword
Rusty Iron PipeRusty Iron Pipe
All tested items that yield no interesting results

Favorite Foods Edit

Baked Rice with Chicken Curry, Baked Rice with Coconut Chicken, Creamy Noodles with Bacon, Twin Colored Pudding, Pickles, Well Seasoned Ribs, Seesai Fruit Mix

Commissions Edit

Rank S commission for 6x 
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Schedule Edit

Below is her generic schedule. Certain events may alter her schedule, such as conversing with the character, missions, special events, or other distractions. All times listed are estimates, unless otherwise noted.

Time Location Task
9:00 Central Plaza Walks down the stairs to the plaza, and walks around the park.
Mid-morning to afternoon Walks from plaza to the river

Marrying her will cause her to move in to the Workshop, like other spouses. She will get up at the same time as the player, and will sometimes prepare a meal for them. She returns home around 20:00, and goes to sleep around 22:00.

Dialogue Edit

Hey there. Haven't seen you around. Where you from?
— Upon first meeting
Yo, kid, lookin' good! Be careful in the ruins, don't expect me to save your butt every time, 'kay?
Dang this is a big pot, where did they dig this up? Whatever, you've gotta try it! It makes you feel like it's summer, hahaha.
— On Winter Solstice