Just regular sand, can be used to make glass.

Obtaining Edit

Sand can be gathered by mining rocks here and there or Quarrying in Abandoned Ruins. Picking up Shells on the beaches can also lead to sand being acquired as well.

Usage Edit

Refined into Glass in Furnaces:

Stone Furnace icon Resources
Furnace Item Time Materials
Stone Furnace
Stone Furnace
1 Glass
3h 30m
8 Sand
Civil Furnace
Civil Furnace
2h 48m
Industrial Furnace
Industrial Furnace
2h 06m

Gifting Edit

Prompt happy
Love +10
Like +6
Prompt ordinary Neutral +1
Prompt sad
Dislike -2 AckAlbertAntoineArloCarolDawaDjangoDollyEmilyErwaGaleGingerGustIsaacJackLeeLiuwaLucyMarsMarthaMcDonaldMeiMerlinMintMollyNoraPauliePetraPhyllisPollyPresleyQiwaRemingtonRussoSamSanwaSiwaSoniaSophieTobyTodyWuwaXu
Hate -5

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