Veggies and fruit wrapped with seaweed, crispy and tasty.

Obtaining Edit

Seaweed Burrito can be purchased at the Martha's Bakery ran by Martha.

Martha's Bakery ico Martha's Bakery
Item Amount Price
Seaweed Burrito
Seaweed Burrito
10 88 Gols

And can be cooked at the Workshop with the Cooking Set.

Cooking Set Cooking Set
Recipe Effect Ingredients
Seaweed Burrito
Seaweed Burrito
Add Buff: HP +2% per second
Lasts 30 seconds

1 Seaweed

1 Flour

1 Coriander
Snake BerrySnake Berry

1 Snake Berry

Usage Edit

When the player is running low on Health they can consume Seaweed Burrito to receive a Buff over a period of time for recover it.