It can only carry one person, or else it would be broken.

Obtaining Edit

Can be crafted at the Worktable LV2 under the Parts tab.

Parts icon Parts
Item Level Materials
Single Seat
Single Seat
Wooden Board
2 Wooden Board
1 Leather

Usage Edit

Menu handbook Workbook
Blueprint Materials
Dee-dee Transport
Dee-dee Transport
Single Seat
2 Single Seat
5 Glass
Fiber Cloth
6 Fiber Cloth
Rubber Tire
3 Rubber Tire
Small Engine
1 Small Engine
Copper Bar
5 Copper Bar
The Driller
The Driller
Single Seat
1 Single Seat
Large Drill Tip
1 Large Drill Tip
Industrial Engine
3 Industrial Engine
Steel Shell
3 Steel Shell
Rubber Tire
2 Rubber Tire
Jumbo Tire
2 Jumbo Tire
Control Panel
2 Control Panel

Gifting Edit

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