Snaillobs are low-level creatures that can be hunted for loot.


Snaillobs can be found east of the player's Workshop, all the way to the waterfall on the most eastern edge of the map.
They can also be found in the grassy area after the cows' enclosure or in Collapsed Wasteland.
There's some inside the Amber Island's Cave.

Snaillobs spawn at any time.
Like other creatures, they will respawn if the player enters and then leaves a building during their spawn times.
They are low-level creatures, usually ranging from Lvl 1 to 5, though Snaillobs found in the grassy area after the cows' enclosure or in Collapsed Wasteland are Lvl 11 to 15.
Those in the Amber Island's Cave are Lvl 10.

Spawn Snaillob


Snaillobs are very slow creatures, but after being attacked, they will travel at a slow speed, running just slower than the player.
When the player gets close, snaillobs will run from the player like all other creatures, except for those spawned in Amber Island's Cave, which will attack the player.
Snaillobs, like other creatures, are able to enter water.
When attacking, Snaillobs will swing their claws and charge at the player very fast, faster than the player's sprinting speed, but will only be able to charge for a short distance.


Lobster Meat
Lobster Meat
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