Kicking a tree uses stamina

Stamina allows the player to exert a stronger and prolonged physical force in the expense of using energy, or stamina points (SP). Gathering, using tools, kicking, and the like use stamina points. Consuming all stamina points renders the player incapable of using such physical force until he or she has rested or has eaten food that replenishes stamina points. Leveling up increases the maximum number of stamina points the player can use.

Using stamina pointsEdit

Stamina points can be used by performing the following actions:

  • Kicking (2 points)
  • Gathering (2 points)
  • Using tools:
    • Axe (2-5 points, depending on the level of axe that you are using)
    • Pickaxe (2-5 points, depending of the level of pickaxe that you are using)
    • Fishing (6 points)
  • Using weapons:
    • Sword (1 point)
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors (5 points)
  • Sparring (15 points)
  • Minigames

Restoring staminaEdit

Restoring stamina points can be accomplished through various methods. The most common method is resting in bed, which fully restores all stamina points after repairing the workshop's damaged floors; otherwise, only a majority of stamina points will be restored.

Leveling upEdit

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  • As of Alpha 3.0, sprinting and rolling no longer consume stamina points. Endurance was added to allow the player to sprint and roll.