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Time in My Time at Portia is measured in hours and minutes in game time, or minutes and seconds in real world time; for every minute in real time, an hour passes in game time. Time is essential in My Time in Portia as it defines the time of day, how long an item needs to be crafted, NPC schedules, building hours, and more. Game time is set in 24-hour clock, meaning 1:00 pm in game is 13:00, or 11:59 pm in game is 23:59.

Time is an invaluable resource in My Time at Portia. Commissions typically have deadlines, crops are seasonal, and certain events only happen on certain days of the week, so it's important to be aware of the calendar and other time-related information.

Players should be aware that one minute in Portia equals slightly less than one second in real time. Time pauses while in a menu and while visiting the Hazardous Ruins.

Game hoursEdit

In-game time is a maximum of 20 minutes per day, uninterrupted. The player awakens at 7:00 and is able to stay up until 3:00 in the morning. Hours after 3:00 and before 7:00 are inaccessible. If 3:00 passes and the player is still awake, the player character will pass out and wake up in bed at 7:00. As of Alpha 3.0, there is no penalty for passing out.

The Dee-dee Transport system runs from 7:00-0:00, waking up until midnight. It is advised that if one is working far from one's home to get to the nearest stop before this time to avoid passing out.

Passing timeEdit

Time passes as long as the player idles in the overworld. Time stops when opening an interface (such as a menu or shopping), speaking to an NPC, or entering the Hazardous Ruins. The latter, however, claims a set amount of hours upon entry depending on the level, although time inside is completely frozen while inside.

Going to bed can pass time to the next day. Regardless of time of day, the player can sleep in bed until the next morning at 7:00. Taking the Dee-dee Transport passes time due to the player traveling to a different location, off-screen. Depending on the location, the amount of time to travel from point A to point B varies; the further the distance, the more time is passed. As of Alpha 4.0, going to bed or taking the Dee-dee Transport are the only methods of quickly passing time.