Time interface

The time interface

Time in My Time at Portia is measured in hours and minutes in game time, or minutes and seconds in real world time; for every minute in real time, an hour passes in game time. Time is essential in My Time in Portia as it defines the time of day, how long an item needs to be crafted, NPC schedules, building hours, and more. Game time is set in 24-hour clock, meaning 1:00 pm in game is 13:00, or 11:59 pm in game is 23:59.

Game hoursEdit

The player awakens at 7:00 and is able to stay up until 3:00 in the morning. Hours after 3:00 and before 7:00 are inaccessible. If 3:00 passes and the player is still awake, the player character will pass out and wake up in bed at 7:00. As of Alpha 3.0, there is no penalty for passing out.

Time passes as long as the player idles in the overworld. Time stops when opening an interface (such as a menu or shopping), speaking to an NPC, or entering the Hazardous Ruins. The latter, however, claims 5 hours upon entry, although time inside is completely frozen.