An alloy made of tin and lead, very durable, commonly used in making bearings.

Obtaining Edit

Tin Alloy can be craft by smelting Lead Ore with Tin Ore in a Furnace :

Stone Furnace icon Resources
Furnace Item Time Materials
Civil Furnace
Civil Furnace
Tin Alloy
1 Tin Alloy
2h 24m
Lead Ore
3 Lead Ore
Tin Ore
2 Tin Ore
Industrial Furnace
Industrial Furnace
1h 48m

Usage Edit

In crafting:

Grinder icon Resources
Item Time Materials
3h 30m
Tin Alloy
4 Tin Alloy

Parts iconParts icon
Item Materials
Bridge LightBridge Light

Bridge Light
Tin AlloyTin Alloy

2 Tin Alloy
Strengthened GlassStrengthened Glass

1 Strengthened Glass

Gifting Edit

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