The Tree Farm is located just outside the town walls north of Sophie's Ranch. Aadit and Dawa both work at the Tree Farm.

Related missionsEdit

At the start of the game the farm is inaccessible and the first interaction the player is likely to have is a mission that arrives by mail, to provide Wooden Boards.

Some time after the fence is fixed a panbat infestation is declared, needing research at the research center. The player gets a choice of how to proceed  Either option will remove the problem of the panbats but the farm can not start working again immediately due to nutrient loss.

In order to save the Tree Farm the player is commissioned to build an irrigation system, requiring more research to be done. Construction of a Water Wheel, Water Storage, Water Engine, and Sprinklers will serve to irrigate the trees.

After completing the missionsEdit

Dawa and Aadit are so grateful for the help of the player that they offer free wood on a daily basis, the amount of which can be upgraded by paying 10000 Gols