My Time at Portia FAQ

Post your questions in the comments, and I'll update this as we go along! 

Q: Is there a less clunky way to use tools?

Hold down your mouse while using your axe or pickaxe for a smoother experience! This is especially useful in the mine, where you've got a pale reticle showing where you're digging - but if you don't see that pale circle of light where you're aiming, that means you cannot reach that spot and won't hit anything. Note that this does not work for the swords; swords must be manually clicked each time.

Q: How do you get hard wood in the early game? [From Youtube]

For the 3 wood required to make your basic sword: You can easily get 3 hardwood from Paulie for free during the quest Meet the Shop Owners , which Mayor Gale gives you after you register your builder's license with him. Further hardwood must be obtained by upgrading your axe (see below) and chopping down the larger trees. The trees you want are the ones that are about the same size as the apple trees (though apple trees cannot be cut down in Alpha 1.0).

Q. How do I upgrade my equipment?

To upgrade any of your equipment to Bronze versions, you will need the Level 2 Workshop, an upgrade kit, bronze bars, and the tool you wish to upgrade. You can currently purchase Upgrade Kits from both the Commerce Guild shop (up to 99 per day) or Mars' tool shop (up to 1 per day) for 250 gols. To craft the upgrade, open your workshop with all the required items in your inventory, and you should be able to "craft" the upgrade.