A chest made of wood, it has room for lots of items. (20)

Obtaining Edit

Can be crafted at the Worktable LV1 under the Furniture tab.

Furniture icon Furniture
Item Level Materials
Wooden Storage
Wooden Storage
20 Wood

Can also be purchased at Best Brother ran by Paulie.

Best Brother ico Best Brother
Item Amount Price
Wooden Storage
Wooden Storage
1 63 Gols

Usage Edit

Storage Editing

A Wooden Storage can be placed around the Workshop and the player can store Items in it.
Since the Alpha 3.5x, it is possible to customize the name and color of a storage, using the Mouse right right click on it.

The Wooden Storage is also requested by several NPC's in D level missions.

Other Edit

What is better than Wooden Storage is Metal Storage.

Gifting Edit

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