Description Edit

A comfortable and durable trouser set, don by many hikers.

Obtaining Edit

This Item be crafted at the Worktable LV1 under the Equipment tab.

The Work Pants is also for sale at the Clothing Store.

Equipment iconEquipment icon
Item Materials
Work PantsWork Pants

Work Pants
Rubber FruitRubber Fruit

2 Rubber Fruit

1 Leather

Clothing Store icoClothing Store ico
Clothing Store
Item Level Price
Work PantsWork Pants

Work Pants
5 113 Gols

Usage Edit

The Work Pants can be put in the Pants slot in the Inventory menu in order to boost the player's Defense by 10 and max Stamina by 10.

Must be level 5 to use.

Upgrades Edit

No upgrades are available for the Work Pants as of Alpha 3.0.

Gifting Edit

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